P company and AACC

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by curtismayfield, May 11, 2005.

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  1. hie people i was wondering if you could help me. i am very much interested in doing either of the course above as a personal challenge and professional development. Does doing either of these courses have a direct impact on promotion prospect. i just want to know if i can kill two birds with one stone. i also understand by doing either i will improve my posting preferences. hope i dont sound too egotistical so take it easy on me and if u got personal issues regarding either two of the courses please dont waste ur time and mine
  2. sorry either of the courses pardon my dyslexia
  3. Well, as for promotion I would say no. As for postings, well if you were to complete P company you would be directed towards 16 air maybe! as for the AACC not sure what the army medical holdings are with 3 Commando Brigade. Depends what trade you are.

    Professional development is not really the motivation you want behind you to get a different coloured "hat". Personnally you have much to gain and respect to be earned but not without a lot of blood sweat and tears.

    Incidentally the two courses are very different. The common theme being the ability to cut around the countryside carrying heavy weights. Different approaches to the same end. Fit highly motivated soldiers who can carry out their already difficult task in possibly more demanding conditions.

    At the very least you will get a nodding respect from anyone else who has a badge on his arm.

    Important to remember that if you do go that bit further that not everyone you leave behind is a fat lazy wonker (just most of em' :wink: )
  4. Hello gibson097,

    Do you know any more about All Arms P-Coy? I am looking for detailed information, e.g. do you get messed about a lot, do you get the weekends off, is sleep deprivation part of the training experience, etc.

    Any ideas where I can get that information?

  5. Deleted because it was a repeat of the above post.
  6. If you want weekends off join the Dutch army :lol:
  7. Bloody hell, this is getting a bit military as of late :wink:

    Suppose it makes a change from humping QAs and bitching about them
  8. Don'y worry we will soon return to form D-L
  9. gibson i am already in a satisfactory profession and quite high up however i would like to challenge myself physically and mentally as well therefore i am looking at the special training. the only difference being its not like a one off marathon its actually something that the army will recognise for the rest of my career hence killing two birds with one stone. i have heard of the airborne and commandos attitude to "hats" fear not my brother i am not doing it to gain respect or wear a different colour beret i just want to do a physically arduous course thats considered one on the most difficult in the world so i can stand proud and say "i am not a ******* hat no more"
  10. errrrr, I dont know what to say,? I would of course put weekends off at the top of my worry list were I to be re-attending P company.

    I dont think your quite grasping the principle here. It is a course designed to provide a set of standards that are suitable for soldiers who volunteer to serve with airborne i.e. parachute forces. It is by its nature hard work. You are out to meet the criteria and demonstrate your fitness stamina agression and fighting spirit. If you look around you and spot any soldiers with parachute wings on their arms chances are they have attended and passed P company. Ask them !

    Curtis. I must of miss read you. Yes awards are recognised and are either respected or despised depending who you are talking to. As for self gratification. yep if your up for a challenge then go for it.

    Im not sure on this but I think if you volunteer or contact P company (up in catterick these days ?) or CTCRM Lympstone they can furnish you with a training programme to help you on your way. Incidentally if your just up for the badges :) Go for your Commando course as I think approximatly a third of the commandos are para trained and get two badges for the price of one !!

    I wouldnt like to say which is the harder, horses for courses !
  11. could always go special duties, no badges (although passing selection used to allow you to skip P Coy and go straight to jumps) but you do get to wear civvies all day, grow your hair, get wedges of extra pay, have a goatie, large it over paras and booties and be regarded as geeks and walters by the SAS.
  12. It also entitles you to drink lots of beer, call officers 'mate', eat pasties in your car and wear Hi-Tec trail boots. What more could you want?
  13. A black NorthFace puffer jacket?
  14. Women sitting on your face perhaps :wink:

    Not QAs of course, you'd suffocate