P company - an honest question?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Delhispearman, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. Alright, I am sure it has been asked before but this is a genuine question, I have looked thru all the websites but it does not answer it anywhere:

    I know three of us who would love to do P Company.

    The question is:

    Can we in the RAC (not 16AAB or HCR) do the course or not?

    Please - this isnt a wind up!

  2. Yes - anyone can apply to do PPS.

    However, even if you pass you do not automatically quailify for a place on BPC (this is the same for quite a few units). It all depends on priorities and to be honest, no disrespect meant, your priority would be quite low down.

    There have been a few exceptions in the past and the worst they can say is no, so go for it.
  3. Depends whether your unit will release you for the 'beat up' consisting of 2 weeks, and the course of 3.5 weeks. You will not have a problem from 16AAB getting the course, only, you will not be able to do the jumps phase unless you are Brigade or specialist troops.
  4. All Officers and soldiers who wish to serve with Airborne Forces, must attend Pre-Parachute Selection with P Coy.

    If you wish to serve with Airborne Forces, the course is open to you, but by your question, it seems that you only want to do P Company, or did I get that wrong. If that is the case, then you are not eligible.

    Want to learn more?


    Prepare to Double!
  5. What are the chances of you ever serving with 16Bde?

    As an RAC bod would it not be an idea to transfer to HCR as you have Armoured trades, then you could do P Coy and serve with 16 Bde
    A be in an all round better Regiment!!!