p company after harrogate?

Hi ive got a place at afc harrogate in sept as a royal engineer and i want to do p company. i was wondering if i could do p company straight after harrogate with the para lads or would i have to wait till i reach my unit?

I met a sapper at an army careers exhibition who did the all arms commando course between phase 1 and 2 however he said it was very unusual for him to do so.

I don't know if there would be a similar opportunity with p company.
You can apply as soon as you reach your Unit, best thing to do though is put in an assignment preference to 9 Sqn as a posting as they will get you on the first available All Arms Course, they are very keen like that.

Make sure your fitness is high but don't overtrain, if you get injured before you start, you'll be fecked!
Is that just while serving at a Para unit? Does it stop once he goes to a non-airborne unit?

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