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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by afs2006, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. Posted this on another forum but obviously the wrong one. Any advice and guidance is appreciated!

    Last Tuesday, the psmb in Aldershot decided to medically discharge me. After the decision was made I signed a few forms and was given a FMED24 and asked if I could return it when I have completed it.

    That’s as far as it went really and I haven’t got a clue what is happening. I know I should have asked more questions while I was there but I think that I was a little shocked by the decision and just went with the flow.

    Can anyone advise on what to expect next and what I should be doing to make this run smoothly?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Your RAO should be able to tell about the administrative process; if you have questions about the medical aspects, ring the PSMB or talk to your RMO.

    If you think that your condition was exacerbated by your service, you may also want to ask the RAO about the AFCS and/or pensions.

    I suggest that anyone who has an ongoing condition submits a Subject Access Request under s.7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 for their medical records using MOD F.1694 (though you can also hust write a letter). This will provide you (free) with a copy of all your medical records, both primary and secondary care, and this should help to make the transition to the NHS smoother.
  3. If you are being medically discharged your resettlement package is different, especially if you haven't served long enough to qualify for the full package on normal discharge-you may be entitled to more than you think. You should make an appointment with your IERO via your nearest Army Education Centre soonest-your RAO/RCMO will have contact details.
  4. Thanks VB, that's very helpful. I am going to work today so will have a word with the relevant people. Where do I get that form from. Medics or RAO?

  5. Over 19 years service.
    Is there anywhere online that i can get a list of the IERO's?
    Although I am planning to get into work today, it may not be possible.
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    As VB suggest, ensure you get ALL your relevant med docs and info regarding your condition BEFORE disharge (it will not be easy if you do'nt push) even if you agree a war pension. Your circumstances may change at a later date due to your medical condition.
  7. Is normally at your local AEC. Unsure if a list exists however speak to who deals with Resettlement at your unit as they should have it to hand.

    If no joy PM your location and I will find the relevant AEC for you.

    Good luck.

  8. Mate, I know exactly how you feel. This happend to me, unexpectedly.

    Firstly, one day your in, next day your out. Its shocking. You loose not only a job and an income, but your family, friends and support network and a sense of purpose and dignity (never thought I would say that when I was in LOL)

    When people say the army treats its guys like shi*t, and injured ex-squaddies and organisations like RBL are in the media trying to lobby the government, this is why....because the protection and the treatment is well well below par, not only compared to other nations forces, but compared to civy street (you lose your civy job to injury you get all sorts of cover and insurance).

    The Army will kick you out the door as fast as possible at which stage you become someone else's problem. When you are damaged goods you are a waste of money and they would much prefer getting an inadequte NHS and local council to look after you....because then you disappear from the Army's books as a bad statistic and you all fall off the budget radar.

    I would say that the guidelines for your welfare are not put in place by the Army so much, it is the MOD and labour government to blame here.

    - All of the above is common fact, and don't let anyone ignorant SNCO's who have never been through and know nothing about the process try and tell you different. Why do you think the RBL, SAFFA and BAFF are in existance.

    However, lets work with what we have got. From my experience this is what I advise:

    1) Ask as many questions about everything to everyone...dont let them just shunt you out without a fight. The ethos has changed all of a sudden now, your not part of the team anymore and you have to lookout for number 1 (feels bad eh).

    2) Immediatly goto your resettlements dept and find out exactly what you are entitled to training/course's/funding wise. Theres a mess of rules governing forces resettlement so make sure you stay on top of it and get informed.

    3) Attend a CTP (Carrer transition partnership) workshop, this is organised through reset dept, and is a chad 2 dayer, but it is very good at telling you how the civilian world works in respect of job hunting and writing CV's, which you will need to know. www.ctp.org.uk

    4) Go around to every officer and NCO and troopie and get a testimonial out of them (and dont be fu**cked off). They are your former employer's and they must provide a reference, your OC should not have any drama's here....this will be used to gain future employment.

    5) Figure out where and how you are going to live, phone up your local council and get a timeframe and procedure for finding accomodation, SPACE'S which is a charity (again through reset dept) can assit with this, accomodation especially for service leavers.

    6) Get and keep all your Med Doc's, make copies. This will be totally nessesary for any insurance claims or compensation.

    7) The government Department you need to contact is The Veterans Agency. They administrate service pensions, medical pensions and medical reviews for P8's, so you can get cash to live on. They are used to having freshly binned lads phone up completely clueless and will talk you through what you are entitled to based on your condition and service length/rank. http://www.veterans-uk.info/

    8) If you think you have been battered and deffinatly deffinatly shouldn't have been, it might be worth going to a solictor for a chat (but keep it very quiet), on the same line, make sure you pick up any medical reports and doc's you can get your hands on.

    9) Try and chase up your Red Book, as will be required by some companies and serves as proof of service. This may have to be requested from manning and records, ask your OC.

    10) If you expect your going to have dramas with housing and accomodation, or anything realy, medical and disabililty problems, no job, no money....contact the Royal British Legion and SAFFA...they have case officers who will visit you and you may get a donation to help you out for a bit

    11) Ask all your old oppo's and civy mates about job possibilites, start networking and thinking about where you can find an income and what you want to do.

    12) If you have PAX insurance then phone them now and claim, while your still in you can run around and get the MO to fill in the form

    13) Phone RMP for a crime number and bang a kit insurance claim in for a pair of Lowa's and a snugpak lol, serious, £200 quid in my pocket when I was getting the can! all helps! lol

    - I believe the next phase for you will be the EBOS (which if your P8 will just happen automatically), its the employability board of service who will access if they can keep you anywhere.
    If I were you I would chase up your MO and boss's and ask to be present at the EBOS, battle like a mad man and ask the board looking at you to let you stay with the regiment in a support capacity or in stores for example (I know some regiments, para reg does will allow amputies, and badly injured to stay on somehow). Even if you don't want to do this for long, it will give you some time to plan for the future.

    Other than that mate, as soon as EBOS has stamped your chit you will just role around the camp, get an exit stamp from all the departments, hand your kit in (and get in an argument with an ignorant storeman who I still fell like going back and battering), pack your kit and then walk up to the gate...probably lonely as your mates will be working...get searched by an RMP...then walk out and that you fella.

    Don't look back is my advice.
    PM me if you have any questions....
  9. - As you can tell I'm a little bitter over my treatment! lol

    Just noticed you've done 19 years mate, I had done 5. The resettlement package is significantly better for long term service members as far as I know, or it was for the older guys who were coming out the same time as me. Obviously service pension and what not should be hoofing.

    Medical wise, the veterans will send a doctor round and review you, if your over 20% disabled you get monthly payments until such time as you fall below. If you under 20%, or fall below after a period of time, you get a lump sum. Thats the benchmark they work to. Its not much for 20-30%, beer money only.
  10. afs2006, you should be able to get the form from the RAO - it's mentioned in JSP400. It can also be downloaded from DefenceNet (search for Data Protection).

    Alternatively, pm me your email address and I'll send you it as an attachment.
  11. As stated get a FULL and COMPLETE copy of your Medical AND Dental Records prior to leaving - then apply for your War Pension within your LAST 28 days of service.

    Ensure you have a copy of EVERYTHING to ensure later in life you can referr.

    Do Not be fobbed off - out here it is hard, very hard and you can only make your future

    Good luck m8 and all the best

  12. Can anyone tell me what an Fmed 133 is and how to get one?

  13. FMed 133 is a summary of your med records for you to give to a civilian GP, and should be given to you by the Med Cen when you have your final medical.

    Don't be fobbed off with the excuse that this is all that's provided. It is only a brief summary, and if the NHS needs any more info they will have to write and ask for it, which will take time.

    A SAR for all your med records has, by law, to be complied with within 40 days (but MOD policy is to do it quicker if possible), and gives you everything, which will be of much more use. Again, don't fall for the 'you can come to the Med Cen and photocopy your notes' ruse; firstly the notes have to go to the SMO before being copied, and secondly you are entitled to more than just a copy of your FMed4 - you should get copies of all hospital records and a printout from EMIS.
  14. Been there, done that. Follow the advice in the above posts & you'll be fine:)

    (but it takes a long time!)
  15. Some great information here fella's.

    There is one thing that I will add, the FMED 24 is bloody important. Take as much time as you can to complete it and if you need to add several attachments then do so and make sure that you keep a copy.

    British service personnel have alot of personal pride and are sometimes a bit shy on either wanting to put other people out or complain about there own problems. Don't sell yourself short, obvioulsy don't lie, but don't sell yourself short.

    Good luck buddy