Ozzies torpedo test

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adam(KOS), Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

  2. I thought Mk 48 was old hat? Must be getting it mixed up with something else. Any 20th Century torpedo could sink that vessel. Was it employing any countermeasure? That would be the question.
  3. That'd be the only thing that works on our "state of the art" subs and even that must've bee a fluke. Another great purchase by the gubbmint. W@nkers
  4. Are you still using Collins Class subs?
  5. As I'm not a pusser I'm unsure of correct designation however Collins does sound familiar. There was a show on our ABC last year that followed the new boat around the underworld, with a very competant Pommy captain and the amount of times the thing broke down was unforgivable. It even had to pull nto a civvy isolated port in the Great Australian Feck all to get parts via the Post. The pussers sailing on it had to be reined in due to the cameras. Someone was on the juice when they signed that contract.
  6. Don't you just hate politicians :twisted:
  7. This is just a version of the Mk 48 with an updated sonar. No details published on what if any countermeasures used, but as this was apparently the first live fire test it probably wasn't subjected to any countermeasures at all.
  8. It is, even the ADCAP (Advanced Capabilities) version is now dated. Some of our offerings (Tigerfish / Spearfish) were superior.

    Mind you, put 500Kg of HE in the right place, ready tamped by the oggin, and the means of delivery is immaterial.
  9. Seem to remeber another old ex-spam cruiser being torpedoed some 26 years ago....... in the South Atlantic, that torp did the trick ok.