Ozzies recruit up to age 48 - why dont we?

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by stab23, May 20, 2010.

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  1. The Australian Defence forces adopted an upper age limit of 48 for many trades in the armed services a few years ago.

    Now obviously you don't get in unless you have some seriously useful civvy skills or experience to offer, but why don't we do the same?

    Fitness is not an issue - folk stay far fitter far longer now - just watch 55year old Commando again.
  2. Well if you look at it from the Army's point of view, why employ an older applicant when there are younger ones queuing up to join? Any experience/skills the older candidate may have are probably deemed to be offset by the fact the Army will prefer someone easier to mould, not to mention the greater return on investment in terms of potential years of service before retiring and taking a pension.
  3. Do they issue pipes, slippers, comfy arm chairs and a ration of Horlicks? :)
  4. It does appear to be about return of service and the percentage of people that are likely to achieve the required fitness standards in their late 30s and beyond. You are more likely to get injured as your get older too and some roles are very physically demanding. Remember the chap who did the Commando programme was already extremely fit - and appears to have very much regretted never joining up. Saying that I do know an RN Doctor who joined at 50, and was on Herrick within a year.

    Reserves are a little different - for those with no prior experience the RNR permits entry up to age 40 and the RAuxAF to age 50.
  5. I know the militant wing of Easy Jet recruit their Regiment Officers up to 37.
  6. Can you imagine BFT`s, or whatever they are these days, with Zimmer frames?
    What about `advance to contact` on the ranges? I can`t go any faster, it`s my arthritis!
  7. ..when were they last involved in prolonged high-intensity major conflict above BG level?.....they are a peace-keeping and peace-support offering these days - don't be fooled by the 1200 or so souls in Stan at the moment - that's about all they could commit to if it ever gets awry....hence it's easy to recruit fat old gits and have a rising mean age level as you'll never need to deploy serious numbers.....