Ozzies Grand Plan

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Robbeaus, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. In my job as no2 gunner (emergency stand by) broom sweeper at no11 Downing St. For which I got the job ahead of 10,000 applicants and only because I have a masters degree in bio-nuclear fuel symmetrical. I have discovered a piece of paper in Ozzies hand-writing, outlining his cunning plan for the economy.
    1, Buy shed loades of Bolivian dancing powder (as Cams if he needs a top up?)
    2, See viny the knife, about some of those nice Swanee fuck-ladies that he ha a supply of.
    3, Ask nanny if I can have my thru penny bits back, as I do get a dry mouth shafting GB Plc.
    4, buy a nice island with my tax-avoidance dish perhaps in Barbuda so I don't have put up with all that whinnying that I should something about the economy. After all what the fuck do I know about balancing the books?

    Well there we go and to think we though he would be better than brown?
  2. If this is true, "Ozzie" should go back to school and learn to write and spell.
  3. what???????????
  4. And I thought it was going to be all exciting like, and about this...... Black Sabbath
  5. Who`re we Robbo? You are obviously still naive enough to believe that changing one bunch of pricks for another bunch of pricks is somehow democratic and "a good thing" and will save the UK from its problems. Robbo, keep it to yourself, but it is the pricks that are the problem.
  6. I am sure it will be a satanic thing if it involves the prince of darkness

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  7. I had that album when I was in college. The guv'nor didn't like it either when I put it on the stereo when he was asking for Christmas music to be played during Chrimbo break. ;-)
  8. I have the dubious pleasure of owning all Sabbath's LP's, even the shite 'Born Again'
    The Grand kids hate 'em but when I tell them it's Ozzie's Mob, all of a sudden they
    start to listen, last time they sat through 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' the comments
    at the end were "Grandad, that was absolute garbage".... little twats!