Ozzie Nursing Officer query

Morning all, I was trawling for info on the day to day, and operational role of nursing officers in oz. I was hoping that some on here, either via ex long look, or transfer has actually done it. I'm just weighing up the pros and cons of joining out here or heading back to the uk to try the QA.
If you're in Aust at the moment, ring the recruiting number 131901. After some necessary stuffing about, you'll usually get on to someone who can answer your questions.

As far as operational roles for nursing/medical personnel, there's scarcely a rotational tour in either the Brit or Aust Army that doesn't take some form of medical support integral to the contingent. Most doctor and nurses I've come across have more ribbons than McArthur.

Good luck, whichever way you decide to go.
Thanks, have spoken to a WO, a Major, and assorted others, the impression I have at the moment is of a role involving a lot of paperwork and 'management' very little clinical, and certainly nothing approaching the RNO role available to QA's. I have also been told that RN's have joined as medics (cmt) in order to get their hands dirty. So I'm interested in finding out from the 'horses mouth' frequency (or not) of deployments and what they actually do.

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