Oznamong and the Backdoors?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Apr 23, 2005.

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  1. a) Not Married

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  2. b) Drunk as a skunk

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  3. c) A Window Licker (MLARRRRRRRR)

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  4. d) Could use a shovel and a 12 Inch long Tent Peg

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  5. e) Herr Doktor has pumped you full of Mind Bending Drugs

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  6. f) You ain't proud and because Loch ist Loch ja?

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  1. Well she's been here a while now and has obviously made an impression on us all.

    Now, come on, be honest, would you REALLY do her? Even if she only wants to hump occifers.

    :twisted: :lol:
  2. Duck dude

    you have a larf or what !!....Kick 'er back doors in...feckin' right I would ! and going back to MDN's thread on purple parade polish...she could get a right buff on my Fat Albert anyday.

    I think she's alright..or am i pissed ??
  3. Mate, I like one of MDN's previous quotes, which, sort of, sums it up for me.

    Still she does seem to have decent norks - so maybe that's at least one redeeming feature.

  4. Duck.

    Fair one !!...STW it is then and and special gift of 'man necklace' for the lucky lady..

  5. Anyone got a pic of her before I commit myself to beastality 8O

  6. in the gallery
  7. seriously...I think she alright...more than alright....but then I've no chance 'cos she's like a private heathcare injection....

    Posh p**ks only !
  8. I dunno mate.

    She can't be THAT fussy, after all, she's still floating about here, speaking to all us untermensch, despite all the insults, and invitations to explore the benefits of sex and travel, we've been flinging at her.

    PM her - never know yer luck!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. I'd fling one up her
  10. christ!!

    2 fucking bags on her head and dryhump her bum her then wipe yer knob in her hair n slap her if she turns round.... :wink:

    :twisted: :lol:
  11. is this her?


    and if so, yes! :D
  12. But she is German and talks more shite than I do.

    Mind you, she can't talk German with her mouth full.
  13. Dale, she's a damn sight better looking than you pet (And she's got tits.)

    And her teeth ain't all yellow like yours.
  14. hey hey funny guy - when was the last time you saw me? I pay £4.90 a day to keep my false teeth that colour. Get a room you two :roll:
  15. Get an empty house you plain looking woman.