oz sas?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by expat_71, May 18, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone please tell me about the oz sas.

    Working in vietnam now and the best fry up in town is a bar run by an oz sas vet.

    He often has reunions the older guys are ok but the younger guys are ......Not what i would expect from sf.
  2. Oz SAS(and New Zealand SAS for that matter) are modelled on the Brit SAS, The cap badge is the same as is the beige beret. From what i've heard from some aussie officers i know, the structure is the same as our own. they do alot of exchange programmes with each other. i guess they're on par with each other in terms of capabilities etc .
  4. and chucking people out of helicopters
  5. persec
  6. I did read somewhere that Oz & Kiwi SAS have to do selection if they do an exchange. Do the Brits have to do the same if they head south?
  7. Apparently not if it is merely an exchange posting. I only know this stuff as I currently work with a few of "Them". I don't go out buying the books etc....
  8. OK, I may be wrong here but I think the Aussise SAS still wear the metal verson of the capbadge, also I have this weird feeling that the NZ boys wear maroon berets, please I would be gratefull to be corrected
  9. Why?. Just curious. :?
  10. I am sure it is just a few bad apples.
    An example would be dragging local a girl across the pool table by her hair for moving the balls with her hand.
    Or spitting in the face of a girl for asking for a drink when he has had his hand on her arrse for most of the night.
  11. it used to be maroon, but they swapped to wearing beige ones late '80s
  12. Mr Hoki***a? by any chance?
  13. Some of my closest friends are ex ANZAC SAS (Kiwi and OZ). They are now in their 40s but still very fit and able to outperform the SF half their age in a couple of Asian countries. From various discussions and comments over the years I think their view would be that the Brit SAS are the best in the world at counter terrorism, but the ANZACs would not accept that anyone can beat them in training indigenous forces and leading local guerrila units. Obviously depends on the individual but in general they think the younger crowd have lost something ................. although not to the same degree as the septics.
  14. After seeing the respect shown on this thread i decided to ask a few quetions myself at the bar.

    It appears that these guys are not what they have been claiming to be.

    They are or used to be involved in clearing ports of mines before military ships enter.

    Edited for being a mong.