Oz Reservists.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SKJOLD, Jun 11, 2005.

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  1. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Anyone fancy doing Exercise LONG LOOK with that lot? 8O
  2. Just like serving with Highlanders then :lol:
  3. Unlikely, maybe sandy berets. Otherwise too much chance of finding the clothes and you know you will find the body within 200m.
  4. Being a South London boy, I'm offering to set up the DLRRR (The Deptford Long-Range Recce Regiment), an indigenous London reservist unit dedicated to patrolling the wilder reaches of the manor, like Thamesmead, Erith and The Estuary.

    Our capbadge would be a pint of Wifebeater surmounted by a pub ashtray (our ranged weapon of choice) atop a scroll bearing the regimental motto "You're Takin' A Fcukin' Liberty!" with a Burberry bend sinister in the background. When not wearing our regimental Burberry baseball caps (with officers and SNCOs wearing the elite blue version) we would simply nail the badge to our foreheads 'cuz we're that hard.

    The Deptfords would disappear for ages into the murky pubs and bars of the area, and be trained from birth by the Millwall firm in the dark arts of "'Avin' it Large!", Windmilling (a unique unarmed combat technique) and hunting/ gathering natural local resources like Ecstasy tabs, car stereos and knocked-off Nokias.

    Our officers, however, would be dead posh. Probably estate agents from Bromley or Financial Advisors from faraway Croydon. They would need to learn the native tongue and wear with pride their Pub Ashtrays in special scabbards on their Sam Browne belts. It is said that once a Deptfordian draws his pub ashtray, he must draw blood with it before putting it back down on the bar!

    By the British Army organising a number of these terrifying local militias and turning them loose on Johnny Foreigner, the return to Empire must surely be a matter of weeks if not days.

  5. Read it in a newspaper so it must be true?I don't know how many people have served with indegenous troops anywhere in the world but I would not be totally gobsmacked to find that this purple prose does some disservice to its subject. But still,you read it in a newspaper.
  6. North Western Mobile Force (Norforce) is one of their 3 regional surveillance regiments, along with the Pilbara Regiment and the 51st Far North Queensland Regiment. They are mainly natives officered and NCO'd by whites (although there is no ban on promotion or commissioning), probably the last such regiments in the world (Argentine 12th infantry excepted?).

    See http://www.defence.gov.au/army/51fnqr/indigenous.html
  7. Wouldn't want to serve with that lot, the weather is too bloody hot, the insects are deadly and i don't fancy eating Wichety Grubs for Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Leave me here in the cold and wet.
  8. Sarge:

    if you prefer a ' cooler ' climate, then I can suggest joining the Canadian Rangers.. patrol the North/Arctic.. build igloos, dine on whale blubber and seal meat.. bunk down with polar bears and keep the True North free from Russian invasion and American nuke-sub incursions and multi-nationals from setting up rogue oil extraction facilities..

    'coure you'd have to learn to speak Inuit or Dene...
  9. I think they look interesting! Could you imaging telling our TA to get on and do 150 days a year, patrolling our local suburbia! That would go down well!!!

  10. They have a National Guard type system. Basic Training is completely integrated (regulars and reserves do the same course together), as are a lot of other courses.

    The Reserve Commissioning course is 20 weeks at RMC-A, plus several years training with a University Regiment (read OTC)