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Oz Recruits earn double British counter-parts (sky news)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Firefighter9, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. As seen on sky news, Hardly seems very fair!

    What do they Arrsers think?

    New recruits to the Australian Army are earning nearly twice as much as their British counterparts - even though they swear allegiance to the same Head of State.

    Despite David Cameron's recent announcement that British troops in Afghanistan are to have their allowances doubled, their pay still lags well behind their allies from Down Under, where application rates to join the Australian Army have jumped 13%.
    With troops from both nations risking their lives in Afghanistan, the disparity in salaries will add weight to the arguments that British soldiers are poorly paid

    A new recruit to the Australian Defence Force earns $42,483; at current exchange rates that works out at around £24,200. By contrast, someone joining the British Army gets just £13,644.

    More info on the Sky News site
  2. As much as I think our troops should get paid a lot more than they do at the moment, I can't see the logic in an argument that compares wages between entirely different countries with different economies etc.

    The fact that they swear allegiance to the same head of state has no bearing on wages whatsoever...


    Quis Separabit
    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  3. I totally agree, that if it was to reflect cost of living etc then there isn't really an argument.

    But this explains that isn't the case:

    And it is not just down to the exchange rate or comparative cost of living. An 18-year-old private in the Australian Army now takes home more than that earned by most newly-qualified doctors and lawyers.

    Bonuses for serving overseas - Aussies serving in Afghanistan get $200 a day tax free

    You can't, in Great Britain, say that a Pte in the Army takes home more than a new doctor or lawyer, or that the Operational Allowance (even doubled) compares to $200 a day for 6 months!
  4. Is the British Army struggling for recruits?

    Perhaps it would be better to increase the amount paid to those injured.

    The Army is a great career for a young lad, low living costs, lots of disposable income, it's not so great if you lose a limb(s), have eyesight/hearing problems etc. Then it becomes one of the worst employers when compared to civvy street.
  5. Good point well made, Mark.

    I hadn't thought of it that way.
  6. A little google search shows the current Australian pay scale, $42,483 is a little bit higher than the recruit is paid going by this official document on their website, infact it's what a corporal is earning

    I do see they get a hefty service allowance, but that doesn't appear to kick in until after training, also what does it entail compared to UK allowances.
  7. You said it best.

    The pay is fine while your a younger man who doesn't mind living in the block and only cares about going on the piss with his mates in his free time.

    Fast forward a few years to the point where that young soldier now has a wife and kid and you'll find that its a shiite place to earn a living and can be easily surpassed elsewhere. Supporting a family and providing them a higher quality of life while on an Army wage is difficult, more so these days.

    Swings and round abouts though I suppose, Im told the Britsh Army is quite well payed compared to our Yank counterparts?
  8. It's also one of the few jobs you can get with no experience, no qualifications and earn 16k+.

    It's all very well saying soldiers should earn more, but while there are good people being turned away from the AFCO and there is talk of cuts why should soldiers be paid more?

    If it's a case of danger pay, there are plenty of trades where you're at no more danger than civvy street, so why not just up the wages of trades that bear the brunt of the fighting and injuries?

    But at the moment recruiting figures show that soldiers get a fair wage.

    My only issue is pittance paid out for injuries, Infantry (or rather non ATO/EOD of all trades) soldiers confirming IEDs with no where near enough training (IMO) and the lack of properly armoured vehicles and Chinooks.

    If the wages ain't enough for you there is always the option of leaving and seeing how far you get in the private sector, some do well, for some it's a huge reality check.
  9. Im not sure that I would buy into beliving that healthy recruitment is a true picture that the wages are good.
    I certainly never joined the Army for the money. Blowing shiit up, jumping out of planes and travel is what drew me in as a keen as mustard sixteen year old. The fact that they paid me at all was just an added bonus!

    My major issue is that more often than not, the lads making the biggest risks and who go balls out on a daily basis are young lads (18 -20ish) who will be lucky to take home just over a grand a month. In this day and age that is unacceptable.

    It seems to me from what I saw during my time that less and less Soldiers are going on to serve their full 22, because after the initial early years as a young solider they realize that they can earn more and have a better life style elsewhere and unless the Army does something to change it then I can only see retention becoming more and more of an issue.

    I jumped ship nearly a year ago now and am glad I did. I like many others, left becuase I wanted a better looking bank balance. I can now provide my family with a better quality of life than I ever could of done while serving.
  10. [quote="Argee2007]
    A little google search shows the current Australian pay scale, $42,483 is a little bit higher than the recruit is paid going by this official document on their website, infact it's what a corporal is earning

    I do see they get a hefty service allowance, but that doesn't appear to kick in until after training, also what does it entail compared to UK allowances.[/quote]

    Always difficult to compare different nationalities pay as they work on different terms and conditions and different expectations.

    What did jump out at me from Argee's link is that although the lowest increment at each rank in Aus is pretty much on a par with UK pay (except Pte which is about a third higher), their pay scales seem to be far more geared towards time served than rank. The highest increment in the Pte pay scale seems to be $10000 more than the lowest increment at WO2 and $5000 more than the lowest increment at WO1.
  11. That's just stupid, a pte potentially being paid more than a WO. I've never agreed with a system where by someone senior can get paid less than someone they may have to command.
  12. I was lucky to be on Ex Longlook a few years ago and I would also like to throw in that they have to do a tax return every year.
    This means that they can claim back any purchases in relation to the job such as jetboils, razors, gucci sleeping bags, watches etc.
    Also you get an allowance if you are in a relationship (Girlfriend or married) to rent or pay the mortgage of a house.
    Also you can take a career break, where you can take upto a year off without pay; 6 months off 1/2 pay or 3 months off FULL PAY!

    Now that's what I call retention