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Anyone been down the route of transferring into either Oz or NZ Army? If so any tales of success, woe or any general info welcomed.


Put my application in for Oz at the end of Jan, as yet no decision forthcoming - it ain't quick!!!

Have you looked at thing like pensions - your Brit one won't carry to Oz, but apparently does to NZ.
The Aussies use superannuation (they pay a proportion dependant on Length of service, you pay 5 - 10% of you salary.) the time served in British forces does count for this.

have a look at :http://www.defencejobs.gov.au/careers_explorer/ArmyMain.html
in the overseas bit.  also try www.army.gov.au there are links to pay rates, housing etc.

I have a POC via email, let me know if you want it.

Hope this helps.


I m currently living over in Oz and although have only servered with their reserves (TA) but have found a couple of ex brits serving with the aussies.

There are good and bad points about the oz army.

You get citizenship in a country that has nine month summers, a great standard of living, lots of good looking chicks and cheap beer. If you go on UN operations they actually give you the UN pay. when they leave there is an organisation (DVA) that looks after them cheap mortgages/legal aid etc.

The aussie army has even less money than the british army (yes it is possible) you wont go anywhere good (their equivilent to NI/FRY is east teamor you will go there for six months, their kit (apart from the IW and LSW) is shit (they are still using charlie g's/LAW66's and they're belt kit is simlar to 58 webbing) and theyre mechanised component run around in the yank equivilent of FV 432's (M113)

All things considered its a good life downunder but dont expect it to be as hi-tech as the brit army (ok stop laughing)

If you want anymore info drop me a line and i ll give you some details


War Hero

The high number of Brit Offrs and WOs transferring to the OZ and NZ recently is quite naturally causing concern within the MOD hierachy. However not much can be done about it as the reasons are obvious.

That said, a note of caution - there are some downsides and it is not to everyone tastes. The last post by exair is a very fair assessment.

Quality of life good but job satisfaction, professional expertise, esteem and place within society - poor.


There certainly are good and bad points, I think it's a bit unfair to question professional expertise and esteem within the Aussie Army though.  The ones I've worked with have been as good, if not better than some of our blokes.
As of 18 months ago I was a member of the Oz Army (now transfered) and two years ago finished a posting in ADFRU-S, the Australian Defence Force Recruiting Unit - Sydney.  As well as being responsible for offr entry in NSW region I also had to process overseas apps of which a few were from the UK.  As you can well imagine the process is long and drawn out with buckets of paperwork to complete (much like transfering here).  Though they may have changed the system, you would proabably do well to approach the recruiting unit direct rather than through the high commission or MLO.  They have generally a better idea of what is required and will hopefully try and expedite your app.  You can get hold of the phone number (sorry, I can't remember it) from the phonebook (www.whitepages.com.au and look up Army in Canberra or Sydney).  They will hopefully send you a pack of info and forms and once you send these back you will need to go down under for interviews and then swearing in and more paperwork.  The whole process is really drawn out and don't be surprised (or frustrated even) to find out that the people you are dealing with don't have the foggiest.  I'd also avoid approaching units or regiments for sponsorship and transfer(unit/recruiting relationships don't work the same way as here), but it can't hurt to talk to them to get an idea.  I hope this helps.

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