Oz marines??

Discussion in 'Australia' started by goatrutar, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. Just read an article in today's Courier Mail. Apparently 3bde are training up to deploy on the former HMS Largs Bay. About 350 men will be permanently deployed at sea at a time. Further mention of "power projection".

    Are we trying to keep up with the yanks on the cheap? Last time we bought a second hand ship it turned out to be a complete rust bucket.
    Will this work or just be another expensive **** up?
  2. Another question might be;

    Is Ian McPhedran talking yet more unmitigated bullshit in a desperate and frankly doomed attempt to be seen as an authority on everything and anything related to the ADF?
  3. That's on the cards too. Just looking at the pic. It's an odd looking ship.
  4. How many times have they tried trotting out this shit, Marines, and let's not forget a Coast Guard. Once the journo's put down the crack pipe and get a dose of reality, shit they believe the crap the pollies tell them.

    Financially, dare I say the Defence Force will become an orphan, already in real terms the defence budget has not as in Howards term, been increased, it has in fact been reduced thanks to the socialists. So the expense required to run a 'marine' unit just won't happen. Even the Royal Marines (RM) which is a poor cousin to the RN as they come under their budget, are we to be compared to at least the RM with their budget?
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  5. Considering our version of the RM is 1cdo a g/res unit.
  6. I’m not quite sure that 350 blokes constantly bobbing about on the oggin in an old RFA Vessel ticks all the necessary boxes of “power projection”
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  7. It does as far as the asylum seekers are concerned.
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  8. Assault landings planned on Bribie island, to coincide with Billfishing championship, RSL and Sun Lai have been notified , RFA to dock at redbeach ,
    caboolture massage parlours have been put on standby, even a token ladyboy coming down from gympie
  9. Actually the Largs is an extreme leap forward in Australia' amphibious capability, light years ahead of whats been slowly rotting away under the RAN for the last 20 years.

    The ship is barely more than 5 years old and was a bargain buy. As a stop gap until the arrival of the first of the LPH's arrive in 2013 it a huge asset, and once its working alongside the LPH it will provide lift and projection not seen by the Aussies for an awful long time, if ever.

    As for the creation of a 'Marine' unit, it isnt likely. 3 Bde already have the nominal amphibious tasking, its unlikely either 1, 2 or 3 RAR will be permantly designated as the 'Marine ' unit, altho 3 have just been sacked from the Para role, much more likely all 3 will rotate thru the role. The number of 350 probably represents an RCT or enhanced Company Gp in English, not a massive force but more than able to conduct NEO, disaster/humanitarian relief and some limited intervention operations in the region. Its also usable deployed as a mothership to smaller craft on anti-piracy and anti-immigrant patrols tho that would be a complete waste of its amphibiousity.

    As for Bribie Island etc, sure that will happen initially, but it won't be long before its going on a pretty impressive show and tell trip from Hawai to India.

    If the heirarchy actually understand what they've got and how to use it of course.

    And as for the RM being the poor cousins of the RN? Yeh, maybe a few years back, but who do you think have kept the Navy in business for the past 10 years.
    No amphibs to protect, no need for a frigates, destroyers, minesweepers and debatably subs too. And Jack knows it.
  10. If you read it in the Courier Mail then it must be true......free, un-biased journalism that is!
  11. I know,but it's the only rag Brissies got.
  12. Feel sorry for the diggers who'll be stuck picking their arses at sea.

    I do wonder what has prompted this massive splurge on amphibious "power projection".
    Are we finally invading New Zealand?
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  13. Two articles on this

    Towards a Marine Force


    Projecting Force
    The Australian Army
    and Maritime Strategy


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  14. If 3bde are tasked with this then it will make a change for DoD to actually use the RAR for something intresting and not just rely on SF (or the Tabloid press Regiment perhaps more suitable name)

    Just imagine our paras being re-rolled as booties! Oh the irony...... Para, para, in the gutter,kicked to **** by an LI nutter! That was THE chant on manya nite at route 66 naffi bar catterick mid 90's!
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