OZ Army to pay $40,000 to keep top soldiers

Discussion in 'Australia' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. For all of you types thinking of relocating down under -

    EXPERIENCED soldiers are eligible for bonuses of up to $40,000 if they agree to sign onfor three more years' service,under a $193million retention scheme announced by Defence Minister Brendan Nelson yesterday.
    The bonuses are aimed at keeping experienced officers and non-commissioned officers in the army as the land force grows to about 30,000 men and women over the next decade.

    Under the scheme, selected corporals, sergeants, captains and majors will be offered one-year retention bonuses of $10,000 in 2007 and 2008 in two separate rounds.

    This could be followed by completion bonus payments of $30,000 for those who agree to three extra years of service.

    In full



    $1bn defence spending boost


    I don't understand why is Australia not following the UK's example and actually cutting defence spending? Do they know more about War fighting than New Labour?
  2. A bunch of chimpanzees knows more about war fighting than New Labour! :pissedoff:
  3. ACJ, I dunno why you would choose to believe our rags, they bend the truth just as much as yours. While it is true there is a retention benefit for Oz soldiers, it doesn't apply to all. There is a million and one criteria you must meet. This government isn't going to give $ooooo's of dollars to just any digger. If ya want more info, then PM \email me. If you come here as an ex Brit just joined the Aussie army you won't neccesarily meet the requirements. I am a WO2 in the Oz army with 22 years experience and I DON'T GET THE BENEFITS OF THIS. Sorry for shouting in reference to the last bit, but I am a little furious that a fu****n CAPT with nought experience gets a benefit, but I don't. :x
  4. Now now. I'm a fu****n CAPT (not sure what that is by the way - I must be a fu****n!), I've only been here a few years and they have very kindly offered me $40k to sign in for another 3 years! Don't mind if I do thanks..... It is taxed though unfortunately.

    Mate, if you don't qualify you just don't qualify!! It's not about what you have done, it's about what you might do in the future.

    If you "DON'T GET THE BENEFITS OF THIS" PM me and I'll explain them to you!!
  5. Oh, and things will change if the Rudd gets in - Australian "New Labour"????
  6. The ADF is as much a plaything of the DoD and the Feds as the British military are at the whim of the MoD and pollies. Politicians are there for one thing and one thing only - themselves. You do not make it to the head of a political party let alone a country without being a corporate sociopath. The current leaders of the "Coalition of the Willing" are perfect examples of this.

    Retention schemes and joining bonuses, with or without ridiculous exclusion criteria, do nothing to fix the underlying and ongoing issues with dodgy decisions about systems or equipment, that ADF/British personnel will be made to use, by politicians attempting to leave ego driven monuments to their own crapulence behind before they get voted out. They are incapable of actually listening to those who do know about that which they speak and instead prefer to listen to overpriced bolleux merchants that peddle "vote winning strategies".

    You can chuck frigate loads of cash at things but if they are useless and unworkable it will make a . worth of difference in the long term. This is just one more scheme in a long line of "gosh we should really try and stop them going you know" things they dream up in Canberra or in No 10. No matter what party is in power, in whichever country, nothing much will change because it is not in the "national interest".
  7. Your only a captain by virtue I'm sure, meaning you were once a human being before being offered commission by the Australian Army. If I am incorrect then let me know. But my point is exactly that... If they are short of Captains and SGTs then why offer SGTs commission to Capt? This is simply crazy. ASWOCs should only be offered to those that are in short supply... if you know what I mean. As for you OzDuke; I reckon you are a ex WO1/2 from the UK and have taken commission in Her Majestys Australian Armed Forces, so garn get... And once again welcome to Austrlaia's finest...
  8. Further to my last. If you are a dyed in the wool Captain from Sandhurst (of all places) then what the feck are you doing coming to Her Majestys' Australian Army? This is just crazy... which leads me to believe that you are in actual fact a crusty old WO who has taken commission and now has taken the sign up benefit. If that's the case then... suck my co*k Oz_Duke!!!
  9. Handbags at dawn ladies......put the video on youtube after ok so we can all have a :lol:
  10. I hate the fact that what little money we have in Her Majesty's Australian Army is being wasted... so I will gladly take up a handbag............ :D LOL
  11. Either way; experienced WO/SNCO or Sandhurst educated he no doubt brings to your nation a wealth of operational experience that your Forces have not until very recently started to garner.

    Additionally The British Army is not renowned for its lack of capability so why would a brit coming over be a bad thing?

    If you are genuinely Australian you are unlike any of the quality guys/girls I met on operations who had embraced the inclusion of UK personnel and conceded we had far greater operational experience. A massive mutual respect grew (we had to borrow a lot of kit as usual) and I can see that given time your can-do attititude and time on ops will pay a dividend.

    If you want to Brit-bash; do it on an Australian website you fecking tool. The NAAFI bar is for your brand of rubbish but I suspect you are scared to enter.
  12. Firstly, I have never said I am adverse to an Ex Brit coming to HM Australian forces, I think you would be able to identify this on my posts; secondly I would think that you would be able to identify that I am merely trying to position myself on the current way that we are doing business over here in relation to money concepts. I am as real a digger as you can get as I have been in service to my nation for 22 years and am only commenting on what I think is a misconstuance of how things should be conducted. Read my posts and you will surely acknowledge that I am in no way a Brit Beater. :?
  13. Ahhh, Down_Under how neatly you have shown your true colours – Down Under Syndrome I call it! See what I’ve done there? So easily rattled!

    Where do we start? Here goes….

    1. I am, nor have I ever been a member of the WO/SGT Mess. I am an Officer – and a real one. Oh, I did make it to CSM in the school cadets, but I guess that doesn’t really count.
    2. I take it you however may well be? A crusty old WO I mean.
    3. We are short of Captains let's remember and as you've stated on a number of occasions on this thread, it was your Army long before I became involved - on that, congratulations. However, SGTs are given ASWOCs because of that fact (that's LE commissions in affect to the UK audience - made from Sgt and above, a crazy idea but there you go - it's a long story, and something else I have opinions on..!) Further to that, the ADF has chosen to actively recruit Captains (such as myself) from overseas because the ASWOC system is hugely flawed.
    4. I came to the Australian Army because I was asked to. Oh, and my worldly belongings were packed and sent free of charge, my wife and I flew Business class (because I am an Officer you’ll understand – a real one), and I was given citizenship after just 3 months. Need I say more? Apart from the $40,000 extra I’m now being given, but you know about that already.
    5. If finances are your worry – imagine how much money could be saved if “Crusty, old WOs” were retired rather than put out to pasture in 2 bit Army reserve units until all their teeth fall out.
    6. I wonder, those WOs who appear as bitter as you have either been knocked back by the ASWOC board or aren’t quite clever enough to cut the mustard (please delete as appropriate).
    7. “Sandhurst of all places” Please explain.
    8. Your spelling and punctuation need work. Are they giving away Warrants these days?

    I’m back from overseas soon, so feel free to bring your handbag at any time, I’m sure you can find out where I am. Just make sure you have your feet together when you stand at my door.


    PS Hellfyyr – Thanks. Your words too are on the ball. Every cloud…..
  14. Aah herr hauphtman, I am not gonna even try to fight you on this subject in this forum due to the fact that I know when I am surrounded. You though sir have misunderstood what I am trying to express and have seen fit to attack. But I've a very thick skin and your assualt will roll away. If you would like, I would be more than happy to meet you in another forum of your specification. If you have seen fit to take offence then it is I who takes first opportunity to apoligise. If this is out of order then I do not know what else to do... Chockos suck though :D :D :D
  15. Amen!! No harm done - all in the line of good banter!