Oz Aerobics –Quality or Utter Sh*t

Oz Aerobics

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There seems to be an increase in testosterone fuelled aggression around here at the moment, therefore in the spirit of Easter harmony (crucify the f*cker) a little poll
Just perusing the TV when I stumbled across Oz Aerobics (set to my favourites, remind & record). Some of the quotes from the presenter really do get my imagination racing:
“After the Break we’re going to go down on the floor so you will need a towel”

You better f*cking believe it Fnar Fnar :-D:-D

Is it just me or is this programme must see TV


War Hero
It was a good thing we never got a contact between 0930 to 1000 while we were on H12. The Ops Room were fully focused on our favourite Sheilas on BFBS.
A Particular favourite of mine, really works the muscle between the inner thighs



War Hero
I wonder if the show has any female viewers?
When we were in Bosnia, at Lipa BFI, we wrote to the TV Company (one of those bored 3 in the morning stag taskings!) and they sent out a signed photo of all the nice ladies that writhed on the floor for us all!
Worked on a dive boat in Australia ten years ago. Every morning the male staff would gather to eat their brekky and stare. Great program.

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