Oz Aerobics –Quality or Utter Sh*t

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CAARPS, Apr 25, 2011.

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  1. Never Miss it, My pause & rewind buttons are f*cked

  2. I would rather have a nice cup of tea

  3. Get a life you sad old pervert

  1. There seems to be an increase in testosterone fuelled aggression around here at the moment, therefore in the spirit of Easter harmony (crucify the f*cker) a little poll
    Just perusing the TV when I stumbled across Oz Aerobics (set to my favourites, remind & record). Some of the quotes from the presenter really do get my imagination racing:
    “After the Break we’re going to go down on the floor so you will need a towel”

    You better f*cking believe it Fnar Fnar :-D:-D

    Is it just me or is this programme must see TV
  2. Linky or piccies? Just to see if it's worth Googling like.
  3. worth having a wake up crank to.
  4. Certainly a must see....certainly makes the day better.
  5. We watched it religiously in Bosnia.......
  6. Well worth it.... :hump:
  7. It was a good thing we never got a contact between 0930 to 1000 while we were on H12. The Ops Room were fully focused on our favourite Sheilas on BFBS.
  8. Google it yourself you lazy f*cker :-D:-D
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  9. Thanks polar!

    Just remember to leave the sound on mute.
  10. A Particular favourite of mine, really works the muscle between the inner thighs

  11. Where'd i leave that sock...
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  12. I can't believe it's still going - Well, I suppose I can really, but yeh, we had 4 booties who watched everyday like a religion in Bosnia!