Oy, Messiah, yer tea's ready!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Civvy Scum, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. obviously he's not the messiah, etc etc
  2. Brian, leave that Welsh tart alone.
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  3. He's probably Mess i ah than most kids with all the shite food he'll get force fed!

    The judge in cocke county! For a female she sure is a big cock.

    Think if you could throw her across a supermarket car park!
  4. So Jehovah's right out, then?

    Will the Hispanics be stopped from using Jesus?

    And we will have no mention of Mohammed.
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  5. So how come it would never happen to the thousands of Mohammeds living in the US?

    There was only one prophet as far as they're concerned,and his name ain't Jesus !

    I would like to see the judge change a Muslim kids name from Mohammed,to Abdul,and watch the shit fly,hypocrisy,double standards,and political correctness don't even begin to explain this sort of shite! :shakefist:
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  6. 90% of Americans employ Jesus to mow their lawns and wash their cars.......
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  7. Judge needs a slap.
  8. Best not and no cartoons either!
  9. Playing a dangerous game there mate! You're already on ROPs, you don't want to be dammed as well :thumright:
  10. What, are there cartoons of some bloke called mohammed?
  11. No definetely not......
  12. You sure?

  13. Fuck, I didn't know a MOD could sentence you to eternal damnation as well =(
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  14. Yes! I'm going with what Kirkz said, and pleading the fifth......
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