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Oy, Messiah, yer tea's ready!

He's probably Mess i ah than most kids with all the shite food he'll get force fed!

The judge in Cocke County said the name Messiah could cause the boy difficulties if he grew up in a predominantly Christian area.
The judge in cocke county! For a female she sure is a big cock.

Sarah Crown, editor of Mumsnet: "Think about whether you could yell it across a supermarket."
Think if you could throw her across a supermarket car park!
So how come it would never happen to the thousands of Mohammeds living in the US?

There was only one prophet as far as they're concerned,and his name ain't Jesus !

I would like to see the judge change a Muslim kids name from Mohammed,to Abdul,and watch the shit fly,hypocrisy,double standards,and political correctness don't even begin to explain this sort of shite! :shakefist:

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