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Oxygen Thieves

No not the ARRSE types but those people or organisations who really p1ss you off at times and whose real contribution is just adding to global warming by turning O2 into CO2.

Nominations required - me thinks a vote in the future to find the biggest may be in order !
Estate agents and their hangers-on. Pure evil scum, summoned by the devil to wreak misery on ordinary people.
I've heard they drink babies tears...
cometcatcher said:
Anybody with the words 'Community' or 'empowerment' in their job titles.

Oh sod it, anyone who got their job from the Grauniad employment pages.
I so wish I had thought of that!!


All 'reality TV' contestants.

PC World are great........ Had one of their numpties tell me last week I wouldn't be able to get on t'internet after May unless I brought one of THEIR Vista machines there and then.

I walked, obviously, after apologising for the laugh spittle on his charity shop purple shirt.

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