Oxygen Thieves

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by THE_EDITOR, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. No not the ARRSE types but those people or organisations who really p1ss you off at times and whose real contribution is just adding to global warming by turning O2 into CO2.

    Nominations required - me thinks a vote in the future to find the biggest may be in order !
  2. Labour Party

    edited to add

    Consrvative party,

    oh, all politicians. Deny them their 'ration' of O2.

  3. Any form of Call Centre and the people who work in them.
  4. Lawyers
  5. Technical Support people which don't understand anything technical
  6. Anyone who speaks french.
  7. First against the wall when the revolution comes ...


    Then ...


    Then ...

    Politicians and their "Special Advisers"
  8. Estate agents and their hangers-on. Pure evil scum, summoned by the devil to wreak misery on ordinary people.
    I've heard they drink babies tears...
  9. MHS

    (Cant believe I'm the first to get that in!)
  10. You speak french don't you?
  11. Anybody with the words 'Community' or 'empowerment' in their job titles.

    Oh sod it, anyone who got their job from the Grauniad employment pages.
  12. Can't believe no-ones mentioned septics! The world would be a better place if North America consisted of Canada and Mexico...
  13. I so wish I had thought of that!!


    All 'reality TV' contestants.