Oxygen thievery

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by zubrzycki, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. I have just been pinged with this O2 thievery tag and i have a couple of questions if i may:

    is someone supposed to tell me i am going to get one?
    what did i get it for? (more specifically, what statement(s))
    how do i mag to grid it?

    thank you

    p.s. dont just respond by saying its becuase i am a c*nt please... saying that; please dont respond with any form of paraphrase of that.

    thanks again
  2. Well thats my answers out the window then!
  3. C*nt because are you a ?? Scroff had one very briefly, it will go mate, think the going rate is a £500 donation to Holidays for Heroes ! Boom Boom ! :D
  4. I think you have upset some closet hermer.
  5. no paraphrasing :D lol

    ok thanks dude :headbang:
  6. Whoever it was that suggested the tag should be courteous enough to PM you and explain why.
  7. I was thinking something along those lines, thanks MDN.
  8. He may not have logged in since it was awarded.
  9. Free the Paderborn One!!!

    Even though he's a cnut.
  10. Considering zub's last posts were in the 'Dirty, poo-pushing freaks' thread, this could suggest that one or more of the mods are themselves, 'dirty, poo-pushing freaks'. So come on then, who's the mod who craves the dirty cock?

    If it was a member who complained just remember - if you joined the army when it was still illegal to be gay and you were drinking from the pork straw then hand your pension and lump sum back as you joined under false pretences you dirty poo-pushing freak.
  11. I was 'awarded' an O2 tag a few months back. When I emailed the complaints dept I got a courteous reply stating it was in error.

    I was able to remove my toe from the trigger of my 12 bore and get on with my life - my honour restored.

    Prehaps it was a mistake in your case too.

    Is there a thread or a list of recipients and their crimes anywhere? I only ask out of pure, naked noseyness.
  12. If there isn't, then there should be.
  13. I propose an 'on thread' Courts Martial, where the prosecution and the defence can post their arguments for and against the 'O2 Thief' tag. It could become a regular feature on ARRSE, along the lines of a soap opera, whilst we await, with bated breath, for the counter arguments and the heckling from the public gallaries!!! Perhaps even a voting system after the closing address. 10,000 Arrsers good and True, as the Jury, and a MOD appointed as executioner; where necessary of course!!
  14. An extremely good CSM in 2 R Irish in FI 1987 explained to me that the role of the British Army was to defend Democracy, not condone it within its own ranks :twisted:

    Power to the Mods :salut:
  15. Inkerman7492 - i actually like that idea!

    i DOUBT that i was gven the O2 thief tag in error but i DO think that it is unjustified.

    by the way, i didnt create a "dirty poo pushing thread" :D i am just curious about other opinions and thought that it would create a debate worthy topic, rather than reading the same manotimous subjects - "how do i lose weight" , "whats your PFT time" , "what regiment should i join?" , "what kind of bullett should i use" and the list goes on....

    p.s. i am not saying these threads are pointless, but i am saying they bore me.