Oxygen Thiefs

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Lepus, Jun 15, 2006.

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  1. Ok, it seems to me that the Oxygen Thief tag doesn't actually carry much weight. People like Combat016 and taric are still posting on this site, although I do seem to find it hard to realise why taric is an O2 Thief. it must have happened before my time here. Combat016 however is clearly a cnut, as are most of the other thiefs.

    Could it be worked in to the site that people with an O2 Thief tag can read all the forums, but can only post in the ARRSE Hole? The medal block says "Do not Respond", and clearly this doesn't work.

    An example of how this would be effective is the recent Yannie/Lawstudent/Pentwyn/doctrine baiting. Its been confined to the ARRSE hole by myself, Goku and Flash, as thats what its there for. This has meant that it has not affected other users of the site. If these charectars were forcibly limited to the ARRSE Hole, then it might clean up the site a bit.

    Just a thought chaps, any comments?

  2. NAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! Reeks of sensorship and herranging their O2 asses is the only exercise some on here get!
  3. Dunno. Perhaps ARRSEHOLE and NAAFI. If you disengage, some of the posts aren't too inflammatory, so it would be a shame to lose all the input.

    Be nice if there were three radio buttons beneath the medal block - three ARRSErs get peeved and each click on a button, results in the O2 Thief being set in silent limbo for a fixed period. I don't know if there is a means of doing this though.
  4. Puttees... better still three strikes and an electrical shock to the genitalia (only a small one....)
  5. So I don't like you, set up 3 accounts and get you banned. Bad idea, well a good idea in your case, but ...