Oxygen Thief Hall of Fame.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cambrai-Kid, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. If you were allowed to nominate one living individual for a place in the sadly fictional, but, much needed, Oxygen Thief Hall of Fame, who would you pick and why?

    For me it has to be................

    Cherie blood sucking human rights leech, champagne socialist, pillar box gobbed, genuine double bagger, fell from the top of the ugly tree and hit every single last ****ing branch on the way down, looks like Batman's arch nemesis 'The Joker', freebie loving greedy cheapskate freeloading parasite who has never knowingly paid for a holiday ****ing EVER! (in spite of the fact that I'm a QC earning well over GBP 200,000 per annum), lunatic new age b0ll0cks believing, weirdo friend with con artist property advisor boyfriend consorting, school catchment area disregarding, wore a full veil when I met The Pope as if I was Mary Magdalene herself, disgracefully cashing in on my husband's position in breach of all protocol, hugging Gerry ******* Adams and Martin ****ing McGuinness even though their criminal organisation murdered the best part of 2,000 of my fellow citizens, raised above a chip shop and kept at least 2 of them to balance on each ****ing shoulder, professionally working class and all round oxygen thief of the very worst kind. Blair

    Nurse, the pills!
  2. MMM is Ms Blair really that bad?? For me it's got to be the No1 Pig faced, two faced, mixced race (when it suits her), famous for being famous, ignoramus, wait for it Ms JG from BB

    All my love Shilpa
  3. Cherie for me too...
  4. Victoria Beckham, I would snap kick her head off :)
  5. Prince Edward - What does this guy actually do for a living!
  6. In the UK: definitely Phoney Tony.
    In the US: definitely Babbeo Bush.
    In the ROI: most definitely Bertie "the Bung" Ahern.

    Who's this Ms JG from BB, by the way? (Skuse my higgerance).

  7. Surely Mr Haughey outshines Ahern in the 'bung' stakes?

    (And it's Jade Goody)
  8. Too right he does, Norm! He practically invented it and then took to wearing an anorak with a poacher's pocket in it! But I thought we were talking about present "incumbents".

    (Is Jade Goody not that grotesque, pig-faced thing who won Big Brother once?)
  9. The one and only Jade 'Of course I'd like to supersize that!' Goody.
  10. Yup. I'm a fcking do-bag. Aplogies.

    Yes - it is she of the lardy arrsed fame.....

    So you were right twice!
  11. It seems unfair to nominate dear Ms cherie Booth...on her own. May I respectfully suggest that she be joined by (or possibly spot welded to):

    * her husband, that well known pretty straight guy;
    * her daughter who presumably is under 24 hour protection from Japanese whalers;
    * her military service avoiding, self service targetting son;
    * close call on the Darwin awards father
    * carpet munching sister

    or long story short, the whole of the Blair Witch Coven??
  12. So the entire Bliar/Booth dynasty with the exception of Leo (presumably because he is still too young to have done anything sufficiently cuntish).

    I'm prepared to add Robert Kilroy-Silk to the list, embellished by this effective use of EU parliament time.
  13. Is there the possiblity that violence might at some time in the future be done to the nominees on here?

    If so I want to nominate


    Just because she p1sses me off.
  14. I nominate any of the "celebrity" fat splashers bunch of cnuts the lot of them,how much skill does it take to make an egg banjo FFS
  15. Biggest O2 thief, cnut, wnacker in history IMHO

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