Oxygen Theif..AND PROUD!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by white_rabbit, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. So yeah woke up this morning to find im now a prestigiously named...O2 theif...wonder if it was my lame jokes...or the 'jackie stallone' style porn vid that pushed them over the edge! 8O :roll:
  2. Could be your godawful spelling i before e except after c ffs :roll:
  3. Who Dares Wins! so go on respond :twisted:
  4. Hang your head in shame ! I would suggest paying a large man to thrash your backside with a 1950's ironing board !
  5. well thats the shoddy education system for you! you come out with A*'s and A's when you should really have got d's and e's!
  6. reni howd you know about my weekend activities and my fetish for 1950's household appliances :?
  7. Sturdy workmanship in them days ! Many a split eyebrow in my Nanas house when she had 6 sons to discipline ! Even the feckin broom she had is still propped up in the kitchen ! Pay my fuel bill, get a family sized box of pickled onion monster munch and ill be round later to get stuck into your bottom ! :D
  8. Its a date! :wink: ....on a more serious note i wouldnt mind knowing why i was given this lovely title...too much bullsh1ting? sounds likely :oops:
  9. Touch base with the relevant bod, discuss, rectify, then crack on ? Simple as, no doubt ill pick up the dubious honour if I keep hovering over the send button whilst hammered then backing off at the last minute as I wasnt being (A) funny (B) sociable or (C) making any sense at all !