Oxted and Edenbridge Show

ugly said:
This coming saturday and sunday we will be at the Oxted and Edenbridge Agricultural Show. For once we will be staying over under canvas so there is an offer of beer and BBQ!
I'll bump you, Ugly....

I thought my geography was pretty good and I thought the River Eden was in Cumberland; guess not! :eek:

I hope that you have better weather than we have had so far this week. The ground round here is absolutely sodden.



There is also an ouse down here but we have had reasonable weather compared to the rest of the country, forecast for the weekend is mild and sunny
blueygirl said:
Litotes... Riber Eden is up here and an Edenbridge and it is posituvely swamp-like up here too
Thanks, Bluey, for the confirmation that there is a River Eden oop north!

A colleague of mine who is a canoeist was bemoaning the lack of water down south: apparently the Thames weirs aren't yet running at full spate!

I would like to know where all the water has gone, then?!


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