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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Xenophon, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. I wonder if we are going to be treated to the NOTW's brand of moral outrage again this coming Sunday. This time directed, perhaps justifiably, against the Oxfordshire constabulary who waited for over an hour before attending a crime scene where three women had been shot, two of whom subsequently died. It is possible that one could have survived if she had received medical attention in time. I just wonder what media or public abuse soldiers would have been subjected to if, in a comparable set of circumstances, they had neglected to do their duty in support of either other soldiers, police or civilians. Damned if you do and damned if you don't as far as the Army is concerned I think.

    The Police are they yet another organisation becoming emasculated by ridiculous legislation and unrealistic political correctness rather than doing what they are paid to do and not having the balls to stand up for themselves?
  2. Thames Valley Police old Boy, Oxfordshire Constabulary is not a Force anymore. It was set up in 1857 & was formed into the TVP in 1968.
  3. It is my understanding that the main problem in this case was identified as procedures not the officers on the ground. They followed guidelines that have been/are now being looked at.

    Undoubtedly again, all the press will stock most if not all of the blame on the police, hopefully they will remember that, the police did not shoot the victims, it was an idiot with a gun.

    Just more police, soldiers, etc, etc, getting in the shiite for doing their job.

    Stuff the coup, who fancies torturing some reporters for a giggle??? :p

  4. Is it just me? But where were the Ambulance Service? Did anybody call them out?
  5. Apparently the police wouldn't let them approach the scene.

    india_juliet thanks for the education - I'm better at regimental histories :)
  6. Ambulance got there almost an hour before Firearms Officers
  7. Hang on, it was an hour between the report and everybody moving in, therefore both groups where there well before that. From my understanding of it the first ambulance arrived a matter of minutes after the call, the firearms unit not long after that (which given the number of units and the size of the area is pretty good). They then got fcuked up by an over-centralised command structure and told to wait until authorised to enter the area. Can't really blame the bods at the bottom for working on the information recieved.
  8. MikeMcc wrote "Can't really blame the bods at the bottom for working on the information recieved"
    Are they totally, absolutely and inevitably required to seek and comply with an unseeing central command? No room for initiative? One of the women in the house on 999 went into the garden and described the scene without offender ffs. I've been dribbling on elsewhere here about duty of police to be armed so as to protect us - this shows it wouldn't work even then. The police bosses want to control everything in case someone bops a drollock. That's OK if they can do it properly.
  9. Well it just goes to show what happens to an organisation that is being bogged down politically correct directives, where meeting government targets is more important than saving lives. Front line coppers are afraid of reacting to situations because they (Rightly) feel if it all goes pear shaped, they will be hung out to dry by their bosses. We should never point the finger at the street coppers, we should be pointing the finger at the culture created by this government.
  10. Paramedics were on scene within 3 minutes of the initial 999 call, but were instructed by police not to approach the scene. Armed police did not arrive until almost an hour later.

    Oxfordshire police? Thames Valley, shurely.
  11. It may have been the case that the already overstretched Police Force were conducting other critical business such as ensuring that the local pack of Foxhounds were not hunting anything other than a duster. Just think, in 18 months time they will have even more important matters than that to consider, including arresting a bloke for having a quiet puff on his pipe in his local hostelry.

    C'mon fellas, get your priorities right. We can't allow the anti-hunt lobby or ASH to get upset. Can we?
  12. Oxfordshire police? Thames Valley, shurely.[/quote]

    Don't called me shurely!