Oxfordshire Infantry regiments?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mikardo, Mar 30, 2010.

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  1. mikardo

    mikardo Clanker

    Good evening,
    I've been looking around since my application defferal and cannot seem to find which infantry regiments recruit from the oxfordshire area? Any help is greatly appreciated and would rather look a tit on here than in the recruiting office in September.

    Thanks again.
  2. CQMS



    Don't worry about looking a tit, they expect it.
  3. mikardo

    mikardo Clanker

    Cheers CQMS, that was quick as fook.
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Mind you, Rifles applies to much of the country these days i think :p
  5. mikardo

    mikardo Clanker

    I was looking at mercians. I've a few mates in there but I would rather join a local regiment and get a bit of family history started again within the army. My family are all from brum but can't stand the accent ;).
  6. CQMS


    Oxford is old Ox & Bucks later RGJ land, John Howard was an Oxford copper.
  7. mikardo

    mikardo Clanker

    This is probably a question I will already know the answer to but I will ask it anyway.

    I'm a fully qualified mechanic and welder with a fair bit of engineering experience and I am 19. Will I get alot of grief from my recruiting sgt. for not joining RE/REME?

    I've heard stories of recruiting Sgts basicaly not allowing people to go the infantry route.
  8. CQMS


    No, go in and say you want what you want, your recruiter will offer you options as you don't know everything, you never know, you may discover a desire to fly helicopters.
  9. mikardo

    mikardo Clanker

    Sound advice. Thanks again.
  10. coax-on

    coax-on Old-Salt

    Recruiters are there to provide you with unbias information and advise you which career stream is most suited for you based on your education, ability and experience providing you meet all the eligability criteria.

    If you really want to join the Rifles that's your decision, however, If I was a fully qualified welder - I'd still join the Rifles....
  11. mikardo

    mikardo Clanker

    To be honest I'm absolutely positive that there will be people within the rifles with a hell of alot higher education standard in comparison to mine. I will stick by my decision to join an infantry regiment. (An infantry regiment is said but with great appreciation to advice given as to which regiments recruit in my area).

    If the recruiter doesn't like it he will have to lump it.

    How good are the promotion prospects within the rifles?