Oxford want to ban vehicles, UK wide next?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, Oct 11, 2017.

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  1. Nothing on search, any arrse members from there & even with the consultationis will this actually be workable from a business prospective.
    The proposals would see all petrol and diesel taxis, cars and buses excluded from six central streets from 2020.

    The area will then be expanded in 2025 and 2030 to encompass the entire city centre, and finally in 2035 HGVs will be banned from the same zone - making it what is thought to be the world's first Zero Emissions Zone.
    Oxford set to become first place in the UK to ban all petrol and diesel vehicles from city centre

    London Mayor with his ULEZ, and Oxford wish to be world leaders with zero emissions.
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  2. Businesses will run like feck out of the zone. I pity the future generations if this crap is allowed to continue.
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  3. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    They're trying to force haulage m, etc, to adopt electric quicker in order to be on track for the changeover to fully electric in, what, 2032?

    However, in two years there will not be the infrastructure to support the large number of vehicles requiring charging.

    Several points:

    1. It takes me five minutes to fill up at a pump, maximum. How will you deal with charge demand when cars currently take around 40 minutes and you have thirty HGVs delivering in the area who all need charged on their high capacity batteries that take an hour each?

    2. If the national grid shits it's pants when everyone switches on the kettle mid X-Factor, what pray ask, will it do when everyone plugs in their leccy car at 6pm after getting home from work?

    3. From the public point of view, how will someone charge their car on a street with fifty cars parked on it where you're not guaranteed to be parked outside your house?

    It's all bollocks, and any city that rushes this through will see businesses up sticks.
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  4. I’d be interested to see what business feedback is in the consultation.

    I know many manufacturers are focusing on hybrid & electrical but a total ban?
  5. Oxford should just be banned altogether. No loss to the world.
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  6. EM has been busy.
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  7. Emissions free zone my sweaty arse. What a load of leftie hippy shite. They do realise that the vast majority of city centre businesses, offices, retailers etc are using a huge amount of not very environmentally friendly pollutants within their heating, ventilation & cooling mechanical systems? What a bunch of cretins.
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  8. As a Cambridge graduate I couldn't agree more... :D
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  9. Headlines hit in the last week or so about the Antwerp LEZ, first being the sheer level of fines being handed out to people ignoring the LEZ, followed by the results of the air quality.

    Well, the air quality got worse, but, in all fairness, it probably gotten worse by much less than it could have as this round of testing, at a more regular rate than at any time before so there's more numbers to crunch, comes at a time where there are major works going on regarding at least three main arteries to/from central Antwerp meaning that's a hell of a lot of traffic needing to go round streets that ain't designed for such traffic levels, so of course the air quality will be worse than when traffic wasn't "funnelled" in the same manner.

    I don't drive to Antwerp any more, much less stressful.
  10. I live in North Oxfordshire.
    I hate Oxford, the stinking, over crowded, up its own ersse hole.
    Nuke it, preferably whilst I am on the continent with my mates.
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  11. I live in West Oxfordshire and I make a point of avoiding the place. It seems to fund itself from astronomic car parking and fines!
    So with this cunning plan Cllr Bob Price has shot himself in the foot, nice one!
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  12. The whole picture is not in the public domain as yet. With 24 hour public transport improvements they expect private car ownership to drop 50%..... Of course Logic tells us different but they can still achieve that end through punitive taxation
  13. This is one that comes up regularly, but there are small leccy delivery wagons which are at least close to becoming viable regarding load and range, so, in theory, you could have a distribution centre outside the ZE zone and then run a fleet of smaller delivery wagons into the ZE zone. I believe some already do such a thing, charge up overnight.

    Where things start to fall apart is when you need to "go bigger", there isn't really another way to do the required for things like construction so you have issues with the big stuff, that needs a "pass". Then, as you rightly say, where does everyone charge up as, like I've said, I live in a 1st floor flat and can only park on street. Where do I charge up because I can't run an extension lead out the window, and nobody has been able to give me an answer on that yet.

    The infrastructure isn't there, and likely never will as it can barely keep up with the increase in energy use NOW, never mind all the extra leccy needed. Nobody is putting in the required charging points and "private" parking bays so residents can be safe knowing they can park outside and charge up, etc, etc, etc. Leccy wagons will always be a "useful niche", but some harsh truths regarding what will be needed to make them a mainstream viable will have to be admitted, and some people don't want to do that, as seen in Oxford.
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  14. Oxford will starve.
    Hauliers and distributers will not go in to the city

    the only viable solution is hubs outside the city with a an internal distribution network on electric vehicles
    Distribution costs in to Oxford will increase massively as a result

    Ill thought out bollox. As usual
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  15. TBH I expect that within 10 years I will be going to (ex) bike rallies by packing my rucksack, hefting my tent and catching electric public transport. This will not be out of choice.
    The Elderflower non motorcycling club will have become reality.
    But I will keep going as long as possible.
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