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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by kipper, Apr 17, 2006.

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  1. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me when their parade nights are? I'm hopfully starting at Oxford University in 2006. I am also interested in played rugby for the univeristy and am just wondering if the times clash.

    Also if anyone has any comments or knows anything on the the unit then feel free to post.
  2. Kipper,
    It is Tuesdays but I think you'll find that if you want to make a success of one you will have to forget about the other particularly since both get 'heavy' during Michaelmas term. If you are joining the Army, play rugby and get your blue -- it will give you something to talk about on dining in nights. If you're going to be a civvy, join the OTC -- they will let you do things you'd get locked up for in normal life.

    Your call.
  3. PassingBells I have checked their website and it does not say, I have also emailed them but no one seems to be responding.

    stickybomb thanks for the help, I understand what you are getting at here but I think I would be able to cope, at the moment I'm able to juggle 4 A levels with a job, a girl friend, friends, headboy, rugby and swimming clubs.

    I checked Oxfords website and rugby is on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays, which would leave my Tuesday free for UOTC (plus some weekends)!

    Sorry for being a spanner but what is 'Michaelmas term' and waht does 'getting your blue' mean?

    EDIT: is there much chance for sport in UOTC (particularly rugby, if so how often)?

  4. Probably because it's the Easter holidays.

    Bully for you. Unfortunately, I rather doubt you'll be able to maintain this level of commitment at University. And not necessarily because you're spending half the time pi55ed in a gutter or scraping the bottom of your already overdrawn account. It may be the case that, seeing as you're at Oxford, you might actually have to do some work.

    And your lectures, seminars, deadlines and all that are when?

    My Lord boy, you must not have gone to a very good school... It's the Christmas term, or the Autumn/Winter term for you PC, Godless scum.

    Aren't I a cheerful boy this morning? Mind you, I had the same illusions of University when I arrived. Do absolutely everything that came my way as much as I could.
    But seriously, prioritise. What do you want to get out of University, and as someone has already mentioned, if you're joining the Army anyway, could your time in the OTC be spent doing something better?
  5. Hi Kipper,
    If you represent the University at a particular (and recognised) sport, you earn a badge to sew on to your chosen item of sports wear. It is a little like being 'capped' for England.

    Do consider my last point very carefully before throwing yourself into the OTC. We are talking about the rest of your life here. It is the hardest thing to accept if you are all fired up about the military but if you intend to join the Army don't go 'Army Barmy' at Uni unless you are using the OTC to decide for or against a career (in which case forget the OTC and join the TA Coy at Slade Park — you'll get a far more accurate picture of life in a green baggy skin there and the bounty is bigger). If you join, you will have you whole career for running around the cuds; you only have three (or four) years at Uni so go join the underwater yoghurt knitting club or the freefall tiddlywinks society and get a bit of variety in before RMAS takes your soul and issues you the standard NATO one.

    I spent a couple of years teaching at the OTC and whilst I admit the parties were good, I noticed that all of the bursars and cadetship officers just turned up to show their faces enough to satisfy the requirements of their scheme and then effed off to spend the rest of their time battering the living daylights out of spotty classicists in the Uni boxing ring — AND THE ARMY ARE HAPPY WITH THIS because they really want rounded (if slightly bruised) individuals, not spotters who "served in the Corps don'tcha know!".

    Whatever your choice, throw everything you've got into it and keep smiling.

    Hope this helps
  6. Good morning macks, just because you couldnt do all of those things doesnt mean no one else can. BTW I emailed them back in January, does easer break really last that long?

    I am hoping to go to RMAS at the end of my degree, so maybe I will heed this advise and make the UOTC take a back burner. I could always join both (rugby and UOTC) then see which one I enjoy more and drop one of them if I find it to much.

    Thanks for all your help lads really apreciate it.
  7. Sorry mate. I was being cynical for the hell of it.
    My main point was what I said at the end. It's all about priorities. Make sure that the OTC doesn't get in the way of something that you actually want to do, so that it becomes a burden rather than an enjoyable experience. For example, I'm finding now that it's got in the way of my kayaking rather seriously, thus forcing me to retire from a series of races recently simply from lack of training.
    Now, anyone who's delved into the ULOTC threads will know what happened with our MTQ2 training, and while I've made my peace with it and accepted the decision was indeed for the better (it really was), it did intrude rather rudely on my fun time! :D (By fun time, I mean training time, of course!)
    All the best,

    P.s. No, it shouldn't take that long. :p
  8. Hey, Im just about to go into my 2nd year of OUOTC. The rugby lot train on thursdays i think for otc. they get paid for it and they do really well. i went with them to a tournament a few weeks ago in nottingham and they came 2nd out of all the otc's in the country. sooo close to winning! we have drill nights on tuesdays and 1st years have about 6 weekends away in the year... be warned though if you love it as much as i do it becomes your life!

    any other questions, give me a shout...


  9. Cheers Macks, well I mainly want to join UOTC to see if I will like a career in the forces, I did cadets a few years ago and really enjoyed that.

    So 'naughty' your saying I wont have to join the Oxford rugby team as OUOTC has one which train every week? How often do they play matches? Catch you on MSN sometime.

  10. Like I said, kipper, the OUOTC will not give you anything like the right picture.

    Try the inf coy or sigs det at the Slade. You can earn more money there, use a far wider variety of inf weapons (not counting the Light Gun but its not like the OUOTC RA Tp live fire every week) and if you are still not sure, you can volunteer for a tour after your finals to really see what its like.
  11. Well I was thinking about the TA or RMR, but I think that would take up a lot of time and get in the way of exams and stuff. I think the UOTC will give me an insight into the armed forces (although not as much as TA or RMR) as it has a inf. coy. and I will get some nights in the feild and get leadership qualifications (look good for RCB/AIB). I have heard things about the UOTC being a piss about but hey my priority is my degree. And if you think that contradicts what I was saying earlier about rugby and UOTC (not taking up to much time) then maybe, but oh well!

    Does this make sense?
  12. It depends how serious you are about your rugby. If the answer is 'pretty' or above, then join the Uni side. I think you've got the right idea; join both and use your first year to get an idea as to how much time you actually can spare for your extra- curricular interests. Of course, make sure you do well in your degree as well( it is after all why you're at Uni), but at the end of the day, as long as you pass, first year doesn't usually count towards your final classification (Oxford people please correct me if I'm wrong in your case, I'm a Red Brick slacker :)). I used my first year to explore my various interests ( of which OTC became a major one), but still made sure I got a 2:1 (an 'up- yours' to the lazy sods in my halls who thought I wasn't working hard enough due to always being away at the weekend). In my final year, I wrote a pretty good dissertation , did tons of OTC, lots of voluntary work at a Hospice, travelled in Southern Africa for a month at Christmas, applied to Medical School ( takes up a surprising amount of time) and dabbled in all the things I hadn't yet got round to at Uni. I ended up with a high 2:1, loads of ace experiences, a place at Med School , and a good CV.

    It also depends a bit on the degree you're doing as well; I read History, so I only had 10-12 hours lectures in the first year, and 6 hours in subsequent ones. Whilst this doesn't necessarily mean less work overall, it does give you the flexibility of being able to plan your study (and sleep catch-up :D ) around your interests and limited lectures, whereas with something like Engineering you have around 25 hours, and it's more 9-5. Saying that, I think the key is being organised; in my first year, our Senior Subbie graduated with a First in Mech Eng and also played rugby for the Ladies side at Uni, as well as also doing other wonderful things in her 'spare' time no doubt. Maybe she was a genius, but more likely just driven.

    Whatever you decide, have an amazing time, and Oxford, I'll stop crashing your thread now !
  13. The RRV unit at the Slade will give you an idea of what the army is like for a TA squaddie but OTC is a good position to be in to float around the regs and see what they get up to. Im at OUOTC and have done attachments with regular units and even joined one for a weeks training during the summer which was a huge eye opener and made me decide to join up now.

    The Rugby is currently organised by the RA troop's BSM (Battery Sergeant Major) and is a regular thing, i myself do not do it but there is a regular showing of the team and opportunities to play abroad, South Africa seems the normal destination.

  14. Or you could join Oxfordshire ACF as an Adult Instructor. Not same as OTC or TA, but keeps your hand in on the military front. One night a week, Wednesdays or Thursdays for the Oxford City Company, 4/5 weekends a year plus 2weeks annual camp, you get paid for latter two activities, plus any course you can fit in, shooting/AT. Two City Coy AIs are currently at University and an officer and another AI have obtained their degrees, stayed in Oxfordshire and have remained in ACF. Just a thought.