Oxford troop carrier.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by noliveroundsemptycasespr, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. Dear Arrsers i'm currently reading" To The Last Round",by Andrew Salmon (Korean war),where Oxford troop carriers are often mentioned.I have no idea what kind of armoured vehicles these were and would be grateful for some info from the wealth of arrser knowledge out there.All my efforts on Wiki were fruitless thanks in advance NLRECPR.
  2. were they the converted tanks, that were used as APC. I assume somewhat like the WWII "Kangeroo" conversion of the M4 Sherman.

    The person most likely to know the answer to this one, would be Bengazi_Bandit, I would suggest.
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  4. The upper picture on that link, I think is of an Oxford Carrier?
    Looks like the running gear of a Stuart light tank?
  5. Carrier, Tracked, CT20.

    32ZT01 to
    88ZU31 to

    Looks like 54 saw service with us, another one with the aussies.

    from Bren gun carrier; fast, furious and lots of help

    More reading here: Oxford Carriers - MLU FORUM
    Oxford Carrier
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    jim24 Book Reviewer

    The Oxford was an enlarged Bren gun Carrier used to tow the 17pdr Anti Tank gun in Infantry units and was last in the line before we went for the AFV 430 series as the AFV401 Cambridge did not really go on general issue

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  7. jim24

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    The Oxford was replaced by the AFV 401 Cambridge as in your picture which has a different suspension and which led to the AFV 430 series of AFVs
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    jim24 Book Reviewer

  9. Were other types of carriers also used in Korea besides Oxfords?

    EDIT: found a picture in a book of a Universal carrier being used by 1 Middlesex Regt in Korea. Were any other kinds, such as T16s or Windsors used in Korea?
  10. Hi

    My Dad was in Korea with the Middlesex Regiment and yes they had Bren Gun Carriers - mounted in some cases with Vickers Machine Guns. On one occasion, my Dad's successful withdrawal under fire of his platoon was only achieved with the unexpected, but welcome covering fire from carrier mounted Vickers.

    Interestingly, the universal carrier was the most widely produced APC in the second world war with production standing in excess of 100,000.

  11. Thanks. The photo shows a carrier with a captured Russian Maxim gun, the type with wheels and a small shield, mounted on top of the engine cover!
  12. Thanks lads at least now i know what the vehicle looked like,much appreciated, NLRECPR.
  13. If it helps, my sadly departed mate Doug Wetherall worked as a REME fitter with the Irish Guards battlegroup during the late 50s. He told me that the Support Company used Oxford Carriers to tow the 17pdrs, while the MMGs and Mortars used Stuart Kangaroos.
  14. When I did my Anti Tank DC's course at Netheravon in the seventies ther was a picture of a cambridge towing a BAT on the squad room wall. I think old QMSI Les Tu***r was old enough to have commanded it.
  15. Which platoons used what vehicle seems to have varied quite a bit. Here is a photo of some men of the anti-tank platoon of 1 Royal Berkshires at Suez in Nov 1956 with a US 106mm recoilless gun and a Stuart. The platoon normally used 17-pdrs but was re-equipped with 106s for Operation Musketeer since the British 120mm BAT wasn't ready yet: