Oxford sex ring gang sentenced

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hippohunter, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. These 7 low life have at last been sentenced, 5 getting life sentences with minimum terms ranging from 20 to 12 years and the other 2 getting 7 years each. Despite all 7 being muzzies and of North African and Pakistani and their victims all white the media have bent over backwards to ensure there is no suggestion that it was racially motivated just like the killing of Lee in Woolwich. However with the on going ad nauseum saga after 20 years of Stephen Lawrence a racial element is flagged up every time. Would this have happened if he had been white and the gang black and would it still be headline news 20 years later? I think not.
  2. A link would help.
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  3. These men are not human beings they are animals.

    I hope they all get a good spanking by our better class of cons in the nick.

  4. Probably not. They will become part of an untouchable, self-supporting Muslim enclave common in many British prisons.
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  5. Indefensible, degrading savagery, and that's being kind to these people. "You can't report it, you can't put it on TV, you can't write it down. We have had members of the press in tears in court. It's been horrendous" ( Simon Morton, Thames Valley Police). Sums it all up doesn't it.
  6. Hope they're getting a good bashing in the showers, and that their families are made to suffer on the streets.

  7. It wasn't racially motivated. They did what they did to these girls not because they were white, they did it because they were there and vunerable and these blokes were inadequate perverts who could only feel powerful by abusing children.
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  8. Are you sure? explain how the victims always seem to be white.

    As previously stated on various threads I was married to a muslim for 16 years. I doubt you have any idea how muslim men look down on white women.
  9. Obviously non-racial. If it had been racial the BBC would have surely mentioned the ethnicity of these vermin and that of their victims. Given that I scanned three or four BBC webpages on this matter without any such mention but lots of criticism of the police suggests it was all Dibble's fault and noone need mention the R word.

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  10. Because:

    a) Most people in the country are white
    b) If they were doing it within their own community, there was more chance of being caught

    It's not the beeb that have decided that this isn't racial - the court has decided that it wasn't racially motivated. Unlike the Stephen Lawrence case, and cases of racial violence against white people - such as Kriss Donald.

    But don't let me stop your outrage bus.
  11. What's their professed belief got to do with race, muslims come in all shapes and colours. These were perverts after accessible children, they happened in this instance to be white.
  12. BBC like to report things according to their subtle agenda.

    For example Sophie Raworth a few minutes ago on the 6 o'clock news placed a very definite vocal emphasis when she mentioned a £38 Million increase to the the head of state's household budget. This was clearly intended to set a disapproving tone of the measure as dictated by her editors.

    The BBC should remember where they get there funding from.
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  13. I sympathise but there's not the evidence nor it seems, much discussion, to prove whether or not this was racially motivated, and unfortunately there seems no cause to confidently decide either way unless we're giving a knee jerk reaction. However, this isn't the first such case and regrettably, may not be the last. It seems many of these victims were white, and the ethnicity of the criminals sent down for this particular type of filth in all of these cases, is clear. What that all proves, I have no idea. What has been reported about local authorities and the protective services, is worrying. "During the time of their abuse, all six victims came in contact with Thames Valley Police and Oxfordshire County Council's children's services". "One social worker said it was "common consensus" they were being groomed. Carers, it was claimed, knew what was happening. But the abuse continued, the number of victims grew - and they got younger" (BBC News - Oxford child rape trial: Why was it not stopped sooner?).

    "A Serious Case Review has been ordered into the failings of authorities to stop the gang, which first appeared on their radar six years before its members were finally arrested" (Oxford grooming gang jailed: Doghar and Karrar brothers get life for abuse and rape of young girls - Crime - UK - The Independent).

    "Only now, nine years later, have seven men been convicted of dozens of grooming, trafficking, rape and sexual abuse offences". The BBc reported a Thames Valley Police statement: " it's a cause of regret that it took so long to put the case before the court and I said so personally to the young women and their families" (BBC News - Home, May 14, 2013).