Oxford OTC - Former Speaker of the House of Representatives (nigeria)

Whilst trying to find some more info about the city and guilds certificate I pasted a few random phrases into google; such as "city and guilds leadership award, UOTC"

This strange forum came up;

The Christian Mafia Want Me Out Because I Am Muslim- Bankole (Page 3) - Nairaland

It appears to be a discussion about a corrupt Nigerian politician (shock horror!!!) named Dimegji Bankole - Dimeji Bankole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Amongst his corrupt and dastardly deeds are walting it up apparently!

From the wiki page;
Bankole states he never went to Sandhurst military academy but only took courses for military officers at Oxford University where he was in the Artillery Corps.
And a personal quote from some obscure Nigerian newspaper;

he Speaker said he never went to Sandhurst military academy but only took courses for military officers at Oxford University where he was in the Artillery Corps and even won some medals.

The Speaker, who gave his service number as 24883329, further challenged his critics to go to the Website of Oxford University to verify his claims.

Meanwhile, Dr. Babs Hussain, Director, Nigerian Intelligence Study Group, said the fact that Bankole served in the British Army poses a serious risk by virtue of the position he now occupies in the country.

According to him, “loyalty and allegiance are serious issues in the milieu of sovereignty of any nation.”
Some people are not happy!!

Point of correction, the fraudster Dimeji Bankole did NOT attend Oxford University as he claims, so he does not possess any degree from the University of Oxford.

His only claim to Oxford is by geographical nuances. He happened to have enrolled ( whilst still at Reading University) and probably attended the University Officer Training Corps ( UOTC ) based at Oxford University. This UOTC is not part of the University curriculum .

The Oxford UOTC is responsible for student cadets from five different Universities including Oxford Brooks University, University of Gloucestershire, University of Oxford, Reading University ( which Dimeji Bankole attended and bagged a degree in Economics ) and theRoyal Agricultural College in Cirencester.

Dimeji Bankole also claims to have been attached to the Artillery Corp of the British Army, this is pure fantasy on his part. he only qualified to enroll on the UOTC because he was in full time education and was a commonwealth / british citizen. The fact is at the of the part time training , students are awarded an MTQ which is equivalent to a City and Guilds leadership award level 4 NVQ.

Moreover the cadets have no obligation to join the Armed forces when they leave University.

I am giving this info to expose the lies and deceit of the man who happens to be the Speaker of Our House of Reps.

Please tell me someone knows/remembers this winner!

No no no, not just any bog standard, run of the mill walt. A political walt!

And also, it seems to have explained why a lot of Nigerians want to join the UOTC;

they have a mandatory one-year National Youth Service for all Nigerian graduates below the age of 30. Joining the UOTC if they're at uni over here allows them to skip it, good ey?
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