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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Dolphin, Aug 6, 2005.

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  1. Is it true that oxford otc have not bothered to do a bpfa this year or any of the other ITD's except the CFT? Also that one of the conditions of getting their bounty was that they had to attend one of their social functions?
  2. one of the requirements for getting our bounty is attending the Annual Dinner, is this not a standard across all UOTC's?
  3. Has your otc done a bpfa this year?
  4. Don't be daft. We have to have attempted 3 out of the 6 tests. Normally APWT, CFT and BPFA.
    I was the only one that passed all 3 last year, due to some awesome aiming off during gale force winds. I was well chuffed with myself as I thought i'd be the only one getting my bounty, when someone pointed out you only have to ATTEMPT them. What a joke.

    We haven't done a bpfa this year, and the apwt was a joke as we did it at inverness. You have to stop after 30 seconds for an hour, while a pesky cruise liner gets out the way.
  5. OTC's, in my experience, are as guilty of the rest of the armed forces when it comes to filling in paperwork concerning ITDs. I really wouldn't get worked up about it. So long as none of the choppers get their bounty then her majesty will be happy.

    And you have to attend Contingent dinner to get your bounties? Amazing. I was aware that the OTC is generally considered to be a drinking club but surely this is taking the piss...
  6. To the best of my knowledge we (CUOTC) did the following this year: -

    CFT, BPFA, APWT, Wpns recognition (instead of veh), First aid, and "Moral and Understanding". Might of been some others cleverly disguised as normal lessons too.

    There was some talk of Bounty dependant on a APWT pass, but everyone did this year (honest... we were told so anyhow). Usualy restrictions... ie, Annual Camp attandance apply.
  7. OTC part of the Armed Forces??
  8. Well, they are armed. Not sure about the force bit.

    Do we have any unarmed forces? A ninja battalion kicking around somewhere.
    Is someone having a giraffe out there?
    The last people in the OTC im attached to that i saw do fitness went out on a run whilst on camp cos they were BORED!!
  10. psyops aint armed and they could be considered a force. fairly influencial bunch of guys considering the lack of weaponry
  11. The 100% APWT pass rate was partly dependent on the shingle at the ranges - apparently, if you hit a couple of metres below (but in line with) the target, it threw up shingle which then hit the target and counted as a hit.

    Perhaps more interestingly, when the list of APWT scores was left in the mess, there were some people who didn't even make the pass rate for an iron sight while using a SUSAT - and yet everyone passed...

  12. Whilst some individuals required more coaching than others overall all OCdts reached an acceptable standard. Whether or not this was actually the pass mark laid down is fairly academic when related to OTCs. Other ITDs completed to date other than WHT/APWT include CFT, First Aid, AFV recognition and the training year is yet young.

    There is an Annual Dinner at Oxford OTC that is a 3 line whip. However, not only is this normally an enjoyable dinner in the one of the Hogwarts-like colleges but it also furthers the (military) education of OCdts. Not only through the formality of such a dinner but the need to host and engage in conversation a number of eminent guests both miltary and civilian. Attendance at this does not affect the bounty.
  13. Again a reflection on the Grp A and permanent staff
  14. What's an ITD? And isn't it standard to be paid a bounty on completion of a dinner night? They're quite strenuous.
  15. Only for those who make it to sunrise.