Oxford Circus incident

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Nov 24, 2017.

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  1. I only travel on the tube to get between Victoria and Euston stations and to push miserable-looking people on to the third rail and claim it was suicide. Light conversation is not on the agenda.

    I'm surprised she didn't mace you.
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  2. Well, yes, my bad. I just stick to talking to cabbies now. They have a surprising insight into Politcs (puts the FCO and Cabinet Office into shame). Plus a take on cultural diversity, as well as the weather in Manchester.
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  3. She was too occupied as I stuck a post it on her back saying ‘Foreign plumer, no job too small, cash only’. Then called it in, and a lot of shouty people turned up.
  4. Has the home office special advisor @Werewolf spoken?
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  5. She sounds like a keeper

  6. ..have you not got mirrors in your house?
  7. Of course!

    If we'd had orange string and duct-tape in 1939, the unpleasantness would have been satisfactorily concluded by Christmas.
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  8. I take it going shopping to day with my trusty old Beano "Gnashers snapper" not advisable then

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  9. By Chance I was on the balcony of a well known Broadcasting house overlooking Oxford Circus at the time of the incident. Whilst testing some sat equipment I became aware of lots of police cars converging on the intersection.
    The numbers of police grew as the first frantic, panicky tweets began to emerge claiming gun shots.. I had heard nothing at that point. When the SCO19 convoy turned up I thought things might get interesting. Further windy tweets were fired off by people who weren't actually there - including of course Kay Burley's hysterical:

    Man with a gun in Oxford Street. Stay away from the area. Tune to @SkyNews NOW

    As I had a clear view of the incident I rang our news desk to get a camera up to where I was in order to get a 'live' shot. Nothing happened for a while so I ran into the building to chase it up. In the meantime security had locked the balcony door - it took a little while to get out again with a camera. As I was setting up there was almighty lot of mass screaming as hundreds of people bomb burst away from the tube...

    At this point I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of 'Blue Thunder' but a short while after the 'self evacuation' the counter terror specials climbed back into their wagons and headed away, back to R****** P*** presumably to expend their pent up frustration on some sofa cushions.
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  10. THEM walt.
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  11. More Gentile than Golders Green, anyway ;)
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  12. Rupert’s Prat?
  13. and sly EU, Brexit, Donald Trump and what now comments.
  14. Compiling your memoirs in preparation for a book by chance? ;)
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  15. Spreading terror to the soft underbelly of Europe.
    Maximum impact for minimum outlay.
    I'm surprised that no one has claimed the incident.
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