Oxford Barracks, Munster, 1 Yorks

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by dazzaman70, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Im transferring back to 1 Yorks later this year and will be posted to Oxford Barracks, Munster. Im trying to find pics of the housing and im trying to find the housing area on google earth. Does anyone have the name of any street where 1 Yorks will be housed and does anyone have any pics of the housing?

    Thanks, Dazz
  2. Mate dont have any pics. But Munster is a nice town, enjoy.
  3. All I remember is that the barracks, like the quarters, are in a Stadt-Teil called Gievenbeck.
  4. The details are on armynet, go to the 4 Home page and its all there.

    great place.