Oxfam pays $1m tsunami aid duty

Oxfam pays $1m tsunami aid duty

Oxfam says it abides by the laws of the countries it works in
British charity Oxfam has had to pay the Sri Lankan government $1m in import duty for vehicles used in tsunami reconstruction work.
Paperwork had kept the 25 four-wheel drive vehicles idle in the capital, Colombo, for a month.

The Sri Lankan government told the BBC News website the aid had been duty free until the end of April but was now needed to prevent "market distortions".
FFS we help them after a disaster so they tax the aid, wasn't the amount they're skimming off the aid already not enough ?
Is there something which makes the authorities in this and all other countries most liable to disaster on this scale (most of the Indian ocean rim, all of Africa) think that the people of the Donor Countries will respond as well in future? I put in my tuppence-worth after the tsunami in the sincere belief that it would be used to best effect, but I was wrong (and, bless my little cotton socks after all this time, naive). F' em.
Back stabbing bas*ards!!

It gets me almost as mad as benifit grabbin chavs, but thats another thread!
Politic somes into it here though, many of the areas worst affected are Tamil and the SriLankan govt is impeding efforts (even from their own President!) to help.
Stinks, Sri Lanka gov is playing silly buggers. Taxing charity, not distributing money it has reieived. I am at a loss with the big formally organized charities, no sweat if they can afford to give away $1 mill US in tax if so then why beg and plead for ordinary folks to give what little they have.
Charity begins at home, sort out UKs poor, then sort the world.
I don't see as Oxfam have any choice though, they either pay the tax or leave the people to die, which is of course exactly what the gov't would like.
one thing that is not commonly known , is that there is a lot of rich people living in Thailand, sri lanka and other tsunami affected nations , lots of retirees, Govt officials lives there , their money is goes a long way there but, i have never met a generous rich person, in my job (Postman) i have found that those who have little to give have given me a decent christmas tips and in the rich areas fuk all !
For what it's worth:

Oxfam is an extremely good charitable organization. No BS, no agenda. Just get in and start helping people; regardless of their background. I worked closely with them in the past.

It frosts my nipples to no end when I see governments playing games like this. In Sri Lanka's case, I'd wager that they tried to force Oxfam to NOT go into Tamil territory and set up shop. They probably refused, so the Sri Lankan Gov't decided to play hardball with them by charging "non-waiverable" fees to operate in the country.

I busted my a** for six weeks doing tsunami relief support so the NGOs would have a leg up when they entered the country. And to have Sri Lanka pull a stunt like this...

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