Oxfam 100k race

Just wondering if anyone here has info on the Oxfam 100k race and hot tips for training for it??
Google 'Trailwalker' and you should get loads of info.

I heard that the event had changed recently, takes quite a bit of planning to enter a team, you will need at least 8 'volunteers' as people drop out/go on tour/get injured and you will need an admin party to drive and secure your grips.
As always 30 Sig Regt will be leading the way in running this fine event. You will need to get in quick if you wish to take part as most of the the team places have already gone.
Oh I desperately wanted to do that this year, but I have a fecking wedding to go to that weekend - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :-(
For the trailwalker you have to raise a minimum of £1000 and then theres the entry fee on top of that .
I did it a few years ago and plan on entering a team this year from 16 Sigs. Last time I did it we trained for a couple of weeks doing 12 miles a day but then got sent on exercise 3 weeks before it started and did no training for them 3 weeks, still did it, it was hard, especially the last 10K or so but it is well worth it.
Recommended at any price

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