Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DozyBint, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. 'Good' news hidden in amongst the furore over 'the 15':


    Good luck for this initiative!
  2. death and cricket, a funny mix !
  3. I can however, imagine a few problems when the Iraqi kids perfect their 'fast bowling' technique.
  4. Well done Major ! Funny how good news stories seldom feature in the 'rags' penned by our 'reptiles'.

    Not directly linked to this topic, I wonder what is going on behind the 'smokescreen' of the 'Iran 15'.

    I imagine that TONS of BAD NEWS is being buried !

    I am always nervous if I do not get daily news of the goings on of Prescott, Hewitt and the repulsive Hain - not to mention 'The Intended One' 'I know nothing mate, I'm Treasury' 'Don't even think of me or I'll tax you some more' the ghastly, growling, grim, grisly, git Brown (without an 'e').
  5. Somewhat naive I think but I wish the project well.
  6. I think that initiatives like this will always achieve their aims to some degree in that if even one child's perception is altered and they refuse to blindly follow the crowd, that is - in my opinion - a success. Saying that, there will also be people who will remain unmoved by an extended hand of friendship...
  7. Don't let the buggers see Shane Warne - it'd be worse than the bombing.
  8. Great, in 5 years they'll have a test side that will come to Lords and beat our lot.

    Even if it takes a long time, anything that helps, in any way is welcome. Cricket is played by other Muslim nations, Pakistan and Bangladesh, so they have something to aim for.