Oww That Hurts! How Cruel Can You Be To Animals?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by threaders_vm, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. When I was a young lad I was extremely cruel to animals. I'd cut open baby pigeons stomachs, insert it's own severed foot then sew it back up with my mums sewing kit.
    I would return in a few days to check out my handywork but invariably some bastard had beat me to it and strangled the pigeon as they were always dead when I returned.

    Oh, I once covered ny pet rat in creosote and set him on fire. When the flames went out I removed his skin. He was steaming and extremely hot to the touch.

    I've done other things too but they're private as I still use them as an aid to masturbation.

    So, what cruel things have you done to animals?

    Pleasuring Golden Retreivers doesn't count as they're stunning and it's a God given right that they will be entered by a human.
  2. So where are you now - Broadmoor?
    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  3. Your mums bedroom actually. I'm now being cruel to a pig.
  4. Your mother is a pig, well there's your problem mate
  5. sad fcuk
  6. so you adding necrophillia along side bestallity? she has been dead 10 years . At least we know where the latest foot and mouth outbreak now comes from
  7. Course you did.
  8. Quite!
  9. You see plod, here's the really scary part...........I actually did! To think I'm let loose in Helmand with weapons! Doesn't bear thinking about.

    Sleep safe in your bed plod.
  10. One word - Sick
  11. One word - short arsed, waste of space, doss bag warming, split arsed, lumpy jumpered cunt.

    Granted it was more than one word but you do get my point don't you willow?
  12. I'm terrified.
  13. Threaders:

    Tell the truth, you're Faye Turney trying to get attention aren't you?
  14. hope you caught aids and die a long slow painfull death sick C*NT
  15. Threaders,

    You are a low slung excuse for a human. Whilst being an idiot is not in contravention of military law, I fear that expressing these extensive views on animal cruelty might incur the wrath of fellow unit members.
    Insertion of a combat boot to your fat buttocks would be in order.

    Being a gobsh!te is neither smart or for that matter good for your health.