Owning own home in Germany,watch out.

I've been informed that,if I am posted inside Germany and my home is more than 50-70 miles away from my Duty Station, then my family (if they remain in the Marital Home) will be classed as having returned to the UK,their entitlement to Dependant status is lost (LOA,Medical & Dental,etc) and we would have to cease receiving UK Child Benefit and Tax Credits. As recompense I would receive a daily allowance based on the mileage between my duty satation and place of residence & I'd have to pay accomodation charges.Any subject matter experts out there who can confirm this and provide pointers on how to limit the financial and emotional damage?
Sadly, it would appear that much of what you write is true. The rules state that you only get Married Accompanied rates of LOA if you are serving at a Duty Station with your family. I assume you currently own a property at your German posting and are leaving your family there. If you were forced to leave them there, eg, due to lack of quarters at the new posting then you would be OK. If you can travel daily to and from your new duty station from your house, you would be OK as well. Dependant status is another matter, but I assume you have a 135 year old SSO who has said your family can't keep their Dep status, and he may be right. Can't see why you would lose Child Ben & Tax Credits. You would get Home to Duty Travel (currently GYHP) for the mileage, and you would have to pay for accom charges. I agree that it's pretty crap, and you will probably lose a lot of dosh if you do it.
Happened to a mate of mine back in 95. He had a house in Osnatraz and was posted up to Fally.

Kids in German school etc.

Easy way out, initially delay taking over quater, then take over qtr and live in it during the week. Get the wife and kids to pop up now and again and not much they can do really.

I suppose the main thing to look at is what are you currently getting in LOA. If the amount of LOA outweights what you will pay for a quarter then it has got to be worht it.
The rules actually state that to receive married accompanied LOA they must live 'where you commute daily to work from'. Dependant status is slightly different, but if you actually commute from your own house you can put a case up through G1. I do believe, though, that it effects your entitlement to tax free.

As for Child Benefit, you could just receive kindergeld instead, which is more.

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