Owning Bayonets?

Can anyone help with the Law regarding owning a Lee Enfield MkII Pigsticker bayonet? I've just been given one complete with scabbard and frog, so obvioulsy a collectors item, and as a pigsticker has no blade just a point. Is it legal can I have my collar felt by the law? Thanks, Llech.
Nah i doubt this is illegal, ive got a few collectible WW2 bayonets myself.

As long as your not walking around jabbing it in peoples eyes then your collar will be untouched
If you keep it at home there's really no problem. For the purposes of the Criminal Justice act 1988 it is just the same as any other "pointed or bladed article" (except a pocket knife with a folding blade under 3" in length)

Criminal Justice Act 1988 (c. 33) - Statute Law Database

Not sure if the 1955? Offensive weapons(?) act has anything to say on the topic but in practice it shouldn't be a problem to just own it.
Virtually no "bladed" item is illegal just because of what it is (only flick, gravity and butterfly knives). Other items are only illegal if carried in a public place without a good reason. Having a bayonet up on your living room wall or in a drawer is perfectly legal.

Ravers & Ex_Stab beat me to it.
That was quick, thanks for the replies. I'll wander round the Primary school 200yrds away in September now, safe in the knowledge i'm legal, thanks chaps! And yes would love to get my grubby mits on a No4, might have to wait a bit mind. Llech.

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