Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Iknowyourname, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. OK, someone decide who is going to take 'ownership' of the Xmas boxes.

    Once we have resolved the ownership of the boxes a Security Risk Estimate will have to be done.

    I vote for Chicksands (only so I don't have to go out and do the shopping for someone I have never met again!)
  2. Shouldn't it be farmed out to other cap badges? Can't have the Int Corps owning an Int asset..(Istar/jstar/astar).. Maybe it should be RSigs. They own a lot of our collection assets.

    If it was to be Chix then it would have to be manned/staffed by TA and be "All Arms".

    We would first of all have to decide if this is a Darkside or Lightside task.

  3. that's obvious.

    everything inside the box is darkside.

    everything outside the box is lightside.

  4. How long did it take you to figure that one out?

  5. We will need to establish a clear procurement chain in the first place.

    For the current "christmas box" UOR to succeed we will need to identify both " Customer 1" and "Customer 2" or we will have another nightmare on our hands. :evil:
  6. We shouldnt own the boxes, just have an ability to play with the contents as that is our job. Ownership implies responsibility and that is a G3 issue - the true owner must let us play otherwise we will have to blub and cry not fair..................
  7. Well that's gone and torn it. If procurement get anywhere near it we will not have these boxes out in time for Christmas 2020. even if they do reach the ISD of 2020, they will be 5 x over budget and still unfit for purpose. However, some fat, over promoted, retired officer will have a nice back hander.

    No, let's keep this one to ourselves and buy and "off the shelf" system that works!

    I also agree with ED. We shouldn't own them. We should just be allowed to play with Christmas Boxes :twisted:
  8. Don't forget that one of the six sides of the box will be missing while in storage. It will be provided on operations by the TA. The box side mobilised may not be the correct size but suitable OPTAG gaffer tape will be supplied to ensure a proper seal.
  9. 1771 Appologies, I had incorrectly deduced that this procurement would run in concert with the DG D&D "Christmas 2020" strawman currently entering one star circulation.
  10. Firstly we need to establish a Box HQ. I suggest we take ownership, as per another thread, and establish 2 (Box) MI Bde. This way we can have even more posts gapped and other MI Sects with one SNCO on strength!

    Obviously with the suggested withdrawal from foreign climes, 2 (B) MI Bde will have to be located in the UK. This means HQ 2 MI Bn should look at bringing them onto their PS cycle forthwith. This means the boxes will require a PSS, LATS and full ATS. An MBMM will need to be completed to ensure that the boxes are stored in a manner commensurate with what they may contain. The Comd of said Bde will need to ensure the boxes are brought onto his unit asset register and he has enough risk appetite to store the boxes in manner not compliant with JSP 440 until his secure box store is built.

    Then of course he has to start the whole IPB process, Intelligence Preparation of the Box..............................
  11. It's scary...but I haven't got a f'ucking clue what you are talking about. I think that I remeber MBMM's and I definitely knowabout IPB but whaaat the f'uck was all those other TLA's?
  12. JSP means Joint Service Publication, I'll tell you about the rest when you tell me what TLA means.
  13. Whhhaaaaa?
  14. Right back atcha!
  15. Christ.. CR attempting to think outside the box again?! Careful mate.. you might come up with something called.. (shh!... an idea!)