Owner's grief faux pas


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Is the faux pas calling him Bart? That's what he was known as throughout the sailing world. Can't see the problem.

Paul Cayard is the team CEO, not the owner. He sails on the boat as tactician.

If ever there is a sport where this was going to happen, it is Americas Cup sailing; these new boats are just too big an powerful. Accidents are fairly frequent on these boats and one was always going to go badly wrong.

A sad day for British sailing; a true champion lost. RIP.
what's the problem? to echo Bob he was known as Bart to everyone, all the kids down the club thought it was great fun. I know Perce better than him even though they were fairly inseparable. The timing is incredible, tomorrow is Glynn's memorial race. As for Paul Cayard mates who did the whitbread with him say he's top bloke.
Sadly as someone who survived the early days of the Extreme 40 circuit this comes as no surprise, they are issued with oxygen for a reason. The new boats push the boundaries with wing mast and foils and they have had very little time to get used to them.

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