Owner Driver opportunities. Beware!!!

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by spudgun67, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. I am an owner Driver for a company called Cemex. I own my concrete mixer truck, but I am subcontracted to them. This is standard practice for the big companies in this country. At a recent local meeting I bought up the fact that drivers were not making a return on their investment, and the company (who haven't got enough drivers at present!) would lose 25% + over the next 5 years unless the pulled their finger out! The regional Director, one Marcus Rappensberger, said that the company would simply recruit foreigners or ex-servicemen! At which point we drew the meeting to a close and left, thouroughly disgusted. I appreciate that this attitude towards ex-servicemen is nothing new, but these ********* just piss me off and deserve all the bile we can through at them!:pissedoff:
  2. Auld-Yin

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    So you have priced yourself out of the market, you looking for sympathy? Drop your prices to the same as those Johnny Foreigners (not allowed to say Piggers or Nakis).

    I don't see why ex-servicemen would necessarily be any cheaper other than they may have a more realistic view of life and are not greedy - but on the other hand, reality is .......................
  3. So what? I know quite alote of ex-sqauddies that now drive. I even know an ex para that drives big **** off tankers in the US.

    Lower your price per hour to a reasonable amount instead of £15+
  4. Lots of owner drivers down here, some are dumber than others. You've boxed yourself into a corner getting a concrete mixer truck, not much scope for carrying freight in one of them. Sell it and become more adaptable and not so reliant on one contract. Best of luck.
  5. The simple fact is that serviceman do become a soft target initially when they leave for the big wide world, but what a lot of people fail to reliase is that many wake up and smell the coffee......
  6. Hello mate.

    You think that's bad? I was a specilist subby in London about 7 years ago and I only just managed to clear about £700 a week average. If I wanted to up it to about a £1K p/w I had to do Sat & Sun.

    What a liberty eh?

    Hope that makes you feel better.
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  7. Obviously certain people do not understand the operation. The person driving the vehicle has actually leased, hired or bought the vehicle in which to deliver a product for a company. Therefore the "driver" not only has to earn a his own wage so as to pay other bills such as a mortgage, food etc, he has to pay for the vehicle, its maintenance, insurance, road taxes, fuel, accountants and much more. For anyone to suggest that a 28 tonne concrete mixer can be operated for 15 Euros an hour, they obviously have no concept of overheads. As for the alleged reply by Marcus Rappensberger, he too is not living in the real world, he might pay the "Driver" less but he still has the back office and on-costs of operating the vehicles - and the costs per vehicles are the same whether he has one or a thousand vehicles. It is abundantly clear that Marcus Rappensberger does not understand freight metrics let alone know what they are!!

    Note to all: The operating cost of a 28 tonne curtain-sided truck here is 2.87 Euros per kilometre
  8. I was thinking about joining the RMPs. The PARAs are my second choice.
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  9. Thanks for the explanation. I wouldn't have got that from the OP.
    (I believe the suggestion was £15 an hour, not euros).
  10. If he fills it up with water he can bring water to the parched SE, he could fill it with water and cordial and supply industrial amounts of juice at kiddies parties or he could put some hot water and soap suds in and provide a mobile laundry service....

    the applications are endless if you think outside of th ebox.
  11. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    The problem here is that the OP has essentially brought a franchise from Cemex to own and operate a cement mixer and function as a subcontractor to them. Unless he has the right to sub-contract his services to other companies, he is working for a monopoly. As margins get forced down, Cemex has two choices:

    - Lower their own profits by raising the prices they pay to the owner/drivers
    - Make as much profit as possible by squeezing their owner/drivers

    From Cemex's POV that's a no-brainer.

    I would suggest the OP starts looking for an exit strategy from Cemex as I can't see his situation improving.

  12. My friend, I could not agree with you more, such exclusivity franchises are an absolute nightmare; they are always in favour of the franchisor NEVER the franchisee. The time will come, very soon I fear, when the OP will not be able to feed himself as the construction industry is paring their costs to the bone with sub-contractors and franchisees bearing the brunt of the cost cutting. My advice to the OP would be to investigate the cost of removing the “Mixer equipment” from the chassis in such a way as the unit was a saleable product and the revenue raised used to have a curtain-side or twist-lock body fitted - such a combination would allow the OP to have the flexibility that is badly needed in the road haulage industry today. Needless to say an exit strategy is a given.

    Apologises if I have confused you, unlike many here I operate exclusively in Euros. If you would like an accurate conversion for your £15.00 I will be more than happy to give you 17.65 Euros.
  13. Without wanting to piss anyone off, my daily rate ranges from 1000 quid a day down to 200 dollars a day depending on country, location, job and company. I take the rough with the smooth.
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  14. Can't see why anybody would be pissed off Matt, people generally get paid the amount they deserve. Jobs with high skill/high risk get the big bucks, always have, always will.
  15. Which Cemex depot are you at? I remember South Ferriby laying off all the owner drivers about 6 or 7 years ago with only a month's notice. A lot of people lost a lot of money (but not Cemex). Personally I would never become a subbie, especially nowadays. Why not take a permanent job and let someone else deal with all the stress?
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