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Own Your Own Country

See that " Prince Michael " wants to pack it in and has put the Independent Principality of Sealand up for sale [ 790 million pounds ]..comes complete with its own passports, currency and stamps [ plus some modest quarters.. ]

Seems it suffered a 'serious' fire recently but is now in good shape [ overheating in the computer vaults where offshore companies have their internet servers safe from ' restrictive government policies -ahem ]..

any takers?

Not too many opportunities to carve out your own nation these days as the UN hasd ' upped the stakes ' on what qualifies as a country.. any new island has to be outside the 200 mile limit of any other country and has to be able to ' independently sustain human habitation [ i.e. have the ability to produce food and drinkable/purifiable water - ] no claiming some rock in the Pacific and sticking out a welcome mat to undesirables...

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