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The severed head of a deer was left on a self-service supermarket checkout, prompting a police investigation.

The innards of the animal were found in one of the aisles of the Tesco shop in Saffron Walden, Essex, police said.

Officers were called to the shop in Radwinter Road at about 01:20 BST on 4 June.
A spokesman for Essex Police said nobody had been arrested. A spokeswoman for Tesco apologised for "any distress caused".

Tesco said it was unable to state whether the head was left by one person or a group, how many people were in the store at the time or the circumstances in which it was left.

Nor was it able to confirm whether it had CCTV footage of the incident.

Police, who are treating the case as criminal damage, have appealed for witnesses to come forward.
BBC News - Severed deer head left on Tesco shop till
Doesn't it annoy you at self service checkout to be told 'unexpected item in bagging area'
Plod have no eye deer.


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An alternative meaning of "Stag On!"
I hate it when you get to the checkout and it's dearer than you expected.
I can't keep quiet any longer.... It was Ugly trying to barter for more "white lightning"


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Can we not put this be hind us?
I hope someone checked to see that it was a deer's head and not a horse's head with antlers stuck on.
After all supermarkets have been known to sell horse meat in disguise before now.


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Tesco may have seen red over the incident but the buck clearly stops with them.

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