own up, who misses Range Stew...

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by SPROCKET321, Sep 7, 2013.

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  1. john edwards on the chow line.jpg

    OK, what was in it? who misses it, and was it as bad as we all moaned it was
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  2. Never asked what was in it. That was the path to major sarcasm on behalf of C.Sgt doling it out and shitty jobs found for you later on.

    But I actually liked it, most of the time anyway. Hot, cold, wet, just the thing to perk you up.
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  3. Who cares what was in it; possibly the best meal out of the cookhouse. Balanced by the norgees of cofftea!

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  4. Tea that tasted of stew, and stew that tasted of tea. It's for winners!
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  5. Delicious. Try getting tins of jam or butter it's not easy.

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  6. I remember being on cookhouse fatigues at Borden in 19?? and may be able to offer an explanation for this. We used to wash and peel (by machine) thousands of spuds and put then in large pressure cookers and cook them. When it got near to meal time we drained the boiling water from the spud but the cook sergeant did not want to waste it so it was used to make the tea. I don't recall hearing anyone complain that the "tea tasted funny" so I can only assume that this was a common useage of drained potato water.
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  7. I ******* love range stew. Who gives a **** about the content, as long as it is hot(it is deffo that). It is filling and it tastes good. As for range tea, well anything out of a Norgee will inevitably taste like it has been brewing since 1942 anyway, be it tea or coffee.
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  8. slices of bread with no butter as well....mmmmmm
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  9. That photo sums it up.
    Chalkie has just had one of those Eureka moments ....

    " I swapped sunny Jamaica, dusky maidens, reggae everywhere and Mums jerk chicken for Soltau and ....this shit !"
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  10. That's ******* lush that is..."
  11. And he's eating it from a metal plate, instead of a ******* mess tin!
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  12. I've tried making it myself but can't find a source of potatoes big enough.
  13. Ahh you'd need the fields near Scarborough and Filey they grow spuds for McCain. We had a lovely holiday filling sacks of them huge spuds.
    Other kids went to Spain, we collected spuds, duck eggs and sheep shit.

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  14. Got to admit it was about 50 years ago but if you were out in the field, Exercises, Ranges, 10 mile speed races it was a great pick me up but there was never enough, but even so we had seconds, never enough for thirds though, never to this day tasted anything as nice. Probably because we were famished. But also it could have been in those great urns for hours but it was always hot. Yum Yum.
  15. Like when I was at school, broke up for tatie picking week, always plenty of farms near where I lived so finding a farm was no problem, most of farms wanted tatie pickers, 10 bob a day (50 pence in todays money. in 1950-ish it was a fortune, more than our Dads were earning, but hard work, early morning till it got dark I think it was about October, we couldn't straighten our backs, have to admit I only managed a day, never went back.
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