Own Up Mods - Who Has Merged My Thread

Dear Moderators

Completing my carefully crafted trilogy of minging gippers, who you would if no one found out, was a lovely spread of Kerry 'Mums Go To Iceland' Katona.

Her illustrious company was Jade Goody and Amy Winehouse and each thread posed the serious question of 'would you'

Of course this was deliberately ambiguous in order to leave plenty of scope for creativity.

Imagine my suprise, nay horror, at finding out it has been merged with the babes hot or not thread where she nestles uncomfortably between proper good looking birds and the foul creatures usually posted by Scaley...

I plead, Sirs, pray return Kerry to her rightful place in the NAAFI in a thread all of her very own.

Your humble servant and lover of minging birds

Mr Meridian

Can I offer a peace offering to the NAAFI of a lovely looking Patsy