Own up, is this a arrser?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. Lets hope it's for a bet! :twisted: I mean, how could she - he's a feckin ginger mingur!
  2. There's two sides to this story. One good and one bad.

    Good Side:

    How many blokes can admit to turning a lezzer after 25 yrs of rug munching?

    Bad Side:

    Who the rug muncher just happens to be.

    NO NO NO! It's just wrong.

    However. . . . I wonder if she's got any home movies?
  3. An ex-squaddie who's heard a big Kerching! coming from the till!!

    Fleece the gipping lezzer for all her ex-fledgling's 'hard earned' cash then fcuk her off big style.

    Sound like a good plan to anyone?
  4. Thanks mate just give the game away for me why dont you good job the fcuktwit cant read or id be up sh1t street
  5. Lots of cash, lots of publicity. Good drills. However he does have to grit his teeth, lie back and think of England when it comes to the sideways monster mash.
  6. I love the progression through the photos of her in the article. From "Not real good, but acceptable", to "shriveled tattooed crack skank". Rather him than me!
  7. Lots of cash, ex lezzer and fame through the papers. Some things are priceless, for ugly birds there is always viagra so you can fake arousal.
  8. I'm disappointed! At first I'd expected it to be Dragknuckle...

    But on second thoughts, it's bound to be a Recce Mech.
  9. The ex-squaddie is Totally Nails! ... This is a step above freckles/speckles!
    This should be added to selection. That would separate the walts from those who are truly THEM!
  10. It's MDN sinking to new levels. He mentioned in an earlier thread about getting married just so he could dance to Thriller.
  11. C'mon Lefty, Drag has standards, ok they may be low, but they are still standards.
  12. Don't knock it she's a good looking bird. Of course I'm single and going through a bit of dry patch at the moment. Getting to the point where I might even dig Jade up!!!

  13. You need a dry patch to consider doing that?

    I have thought about it since they planted her, but im a tad worried as to the chances of catching some cancerous type thing from a keeeeemo victim.
  14. Look on the bright side. At least you'll be able to find her in dark...