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In training you wear issued kit, and only issued kit.

If you deploy to a war zone and need new boots, you'll get issued ones, not fancy Lowas or whatever, so you have to get used to them.
Morty said:
If I bought a pair of issue highlegs boots and broke them in well before I went to phase one, would I be allowed to wear them or would I have to wear the boots I was issued in? If I could wear my own, I could save my issued ones and keep them nice and clean and shiney.
My bold, they don't get issued in this state, you have to work at getting them like that.

Why not go to an army surplus store and buy a pair of issued ones? That way you get to break them in before you get there.
Hi Morty.

If the boots you buy are The Issue 'Assault Boots', there will be no drama's. As nobody can tell if they are your issue or personal boots. Also on the plus side when they get worn away, you can chuck them in for exchange. Good luck on your trg.
Don't take them with you, if you've any extra kit you'll probably have to send it home. The rationale for this was that if you had extra kit and someone else was diffy, you would be presumed to be the thief.
Morty,it's ths same old questions, but hey we're her to help/hinder/totaly confuse.

As Sweaty says IF they are the issue boot then go for it, it'll prevent blisters & so on, it they're not issue then don't even try it esp at CIC issue & you're covered by army insurance army type para sas commando DPM boots not a leg to stand on.....
I'll get me coat
yeah right, I can just see you on day 1, all the other red arrses on parade with ganzer boots and you with a pair from army surplus, what do you think will happen??
Surely he's not that stoopid?, then again.............
EXBQMS said:
yeah right, I can just see you on day 1, all the other red arrses on parade with ganzer boots and you with a pair from army surplus, what do you think will happen??
I would think that anybody with common sense would use new boots for parades/ musters and the broken in boots for tabbing/fieldwork. :?
Some right bone comments being made here.

If the boots are the issue boot, then this should be acceptable to your instructors. I would be very surprised if anyone asked why your issue boots seemed to be broken in.

Good to see you are using the "anticipation at all levels" head.

Good luck.

During CIC you may get away with wearing Lowas if you complain the issue boots are causing your trouble... A few did during my CIC! Is it a rumour that you can get issued Lowas as a PTI? They all wear them anyway... thes ones I have came across!
wear the issue boots as rightly said, that is what you are insured for.

they take about 10 minutes to break in , remember to polish the whole boot by removing the laces and polishing the whole of the tongue area , this will stop the boots from squeaking like you have a trapped mouse in them!

they are decent boots don't be soft. if you need anything, possibly sorbathane insoles or ones out of some training shoes.

DO NOT complain about blisters or sore feet in order just to get Gucci boots, you will not get them anyway, However, you will get the attention of the instructers of being a lazy malingering cnut.

DO NOT have excess kit than issued with, it cries THEIF if someone else loses theirs. ( as mentioned earlier)

Just knuckle down do your training, learn what you are taught and be a good recruit.

IF or WHEN you are successful in training for your chosen carreer, you can spend all your hard earned either p1ssing it all up against a wall or get a gucci kit catalogue and be an "all the gear no idea", with nice webbing, warm jacket, nice boots, ultra light weight sleeping bag that freezes your arrse when its not the height iof summer plus all manner of trinkets.

thank you gentlemen, thank you
at the risk of looking like a know it all cnut id turn up with nothing and get dealt the same hand as the rest of them, after all everyone else will have blisters too wont they? after training then buy as many boots as you want.

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