Own kit at Sandhurst?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by will01, Aug 18, 2005.

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  1. I've got a place at Sandhurst for next year and have a question.

    What's the deal with having your own kit? For example, can you wear your own boots, additional pouches for webbing, that kind of thing?

    I would imagine that you are not allowed to for say, the first 5 weeks but does the situation change after that?

    No fear, I'm not the kit-monster type who has assault vests etc in their wardrobe! Just have a nice pair of comfy boots, and would quite like to take them if possible!
  2. NO. Don't do it. Just don't.
  3. Not an area that you want to try and stand out from the crowd.
    Inevitably you will draw uneccesary attention to yourself and people will think what a c*ck.
    It is supposed to be a level playing field for all
  4. I always found the best thing to suggest to my subbies was that if issue kit was good enough for their soldiers, then issue kit should be good enough for them. Of course, if they wanted to fork out for their entire Tp, I would be more than happy to let them do so, provided the kit was fit for purpose.

    As far as OCdts are concerned, I echo the sentiments above but just in case we are all wrong, and for (the amusement of) those RMAS personnel who scan these forums - I've got an easier assault course than the one at Sandhurst, can I use it instead? Also, PRACTAC - some of the UOTCs run a much easier version, could I do it instead? And as far as comfort is concerned, would you mind terribly if I booked into a local hotel during my course, I've heard your accomodation is a bit utilitarian...
  5. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    In my time at Sandhurst (1990), I kept a few spare shirts (combat and No.2) and lightweight trousers in the boot of my car. Thus they were out of the way for inspections and I didn't have quite such a tight regime of washing/drying. I also got away with using a para helmet for the first term and a half before my pl comd noticed it (much more comfy). But, as said elsewhere, don't do anything to draw negative attention to yourself as it can be dificult to undo 'target lock on' from the DS.

    Do stock up on comfy items such as decent walking socks, but most of the kit nowadays is pretty good so you shouldn't need to buy much.
  6. The only personal kit i would take is things like a second wash kit (one for use, one for emergencies like forgotton inspections). Some spares are not a bad idea, theoretically you should be brilliant and have everything bulled and ironed at all times, but there will be that one day when you need a shirt or whatever. just make sure the kit is the same.

    As for your own kit which is a different style, then basically, no! Unless you have an A-Team style pocket hovercraft that can take your pltn on its marches and be able to hide it away from the DS then stick to soldiering. At the ned of the day, the kit isn't that bad, and a heavy bergen is made to be yomped with!
  7. A lot of non issue kit is also non IRR. So whilst it might be OK at Sandhurst, you'll glow like a good un when viewed through an Iraqi II device. Best stick with issue kit if I were you.

    Why do you want to carry extra webbing pouches, do you think you won't have enough to carry already?
  8. just found that (through my limited experience) its easier to have an extra pouch or two to carry stuff. I've never seen a regular soldier with just the 2 issue rear pouches on their webbing though so is it the case that as soon as you join your unit you then rig your kit as it should be and not as its taught?

    As for the boots issue, I do appreciate what has been said above and I do agree but thought I'd check as if you've got it, may as well use it! (got a pair of matterhorns on ebay for £25)
  9. You'll be told what and where to carry it at Sandhurst, extra pouches isn't going to help. Boots are very personal, but do try the pro-boots first, there's not much wrong with them.
  10. Thanks for all the help and advice guys. Much appreciated!
  11. Have just been swoping round on Google earth. It just so happens that Barossa is on in a detailed area. You can see all the colleges and a little platoon of cadets marching around. Is it worthwhile printing off and laminating Barossa training area sat photos (given the high level of detail)?
  12. You'll go far my son, ever considered a career in the INT CORPS?
  13. I rather think Matterhorns would be frowned upon...like an SAS smock or Para helmet!

    I do however like the laminated Satellite imagery, although if we're thinking along those lines, what's wrong with aerial phots??
  14. It had crossed my mind, then i realised I had a big hand and a small map & no talent for languages, so the cav BFG is probably the way.
  15. You sound perfect.

    Just like me then, even my English is pants.