Own Goal! How many riots is this worth?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Hang10, Nov 4, 2005.

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  1. BBC Link

    Seems like the Bedfordshire constabulary has been taking a leaf out of Chip's book!
  2. Other than a mosque, a building cannot be 'muslim'; did they mean buildings inhabited by muslims, buildings owned by muslims, bomb factories or what? Do they think the muslim owner of a shop will be offended if a customer fails to remove his shoes before entering to buy some porn or alcohol?

    Why don't Bedfordshire Police treat everyone equally, and make sure all parts of the community understand that if they commit crime they cannot expect the police to take their shoes off when they come after them.
  3. Muslims no sense of humour .This is what you get when you try and get people to respect something they dont understand or care about .
  4. Look at the cartoon it says Masjid - Masjid means Mosque - it's a mosque the police are raiding in that cartoon so the big hoo-ha
  5. Yup, Its a mosque - though sans minaret - looks like the only design concessions the planning department would allow were the shape of the windows on the front of the building, vaguely eastern.
    I also think that the fuss is perhaps more about the fact that there is a fellow jumping out of the side window clutching a bag helpfully labelled "Explosives".
  6. Even so, the individuals any touchy muslim should be offended by is the suspect the police are after. The only time police should even consider removing their footwear is if making a routine, pre-arranged visit. I know, from an acquaintance in an ambulance service, that no-one complains when paramedics attend emergencies in mosques and don't remove shoes.
  7. What sort of emergencies? Trauma to the front of the head from over-enthusiastic supplication? Bad back from years of same? Sorting out Abu Hamza after he picks his nose?
  8. Old bearded blerk mit "explosives" bag has his shoes on for fecks sake!
  9. :lol: